How To Make Clay Gift Tags Look Chic & Sleek

How To Make Clay Gift Tags Look Chic & Sleek

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    Allow your tags to dry fully before you attempt to paint, or you will destroy the nibs of your pen or your paint brush.

    If you don’t allow the tags to competely dry, the clay gets stuck in the nibs of your pens or deep within the felt which is what metallic felt tip pens are made of.

    Clay Christmas Gift Tags - Bell

Are you an impatient person?

If you are tempted to add your clay to radiator to dry faster, please beware that sucking all of the moisture out of this air dry clay too quickly could cause it to crack.

You can still use a radiator, just make sure that you are able to check on your tags and if they are starting to crack, use a little water and your fingertip to smooth the clay.

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