How To Make Paper Plants; 1 Super Simple Tutorial!

How To Make Paper Plants; 1 Super Simple Tutorial!

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How To Make Paper Plants

Hello there, I’m Silvia of Giochi di Carta blog, and I’m very happy to show you my new DIY for Craft Cafe!

I love so much every plant and flower… But I also think that is fine have some plants admittedly artificial, especially if these are made of paper. Paper leaves and plants are so simple, yet the make a big statement!

paper plants2

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Is very easy and fast make this project, and with few things you can decorate a corner in your room. Giving a touch of color funny and irony!

paper plants step1

Supplies Needed To Make The Paper Plants:

Artboard2copy7 100

Download The Paper Leaves Template:

How To Make The Paper Plants:

dilute acrylics and roll it out on the sheet quickly with the brush. If you don’t feel secure, use some test sheets; in each case have areas in which there is more or less color will help to make the texture of the plant more interesting.


paper plants step2

Once the colour is dry, begin to cut out long leaves and simply put them on a favourite vase.
Also cut out oval shapes that will simulate a succulent; fixed these and the “flower” pom pom with quick-setting glue.


Tip: cut out the oval shape slightly larger than the pot in which it will be placed, so when you put them into it will stand without support.


paper plants3

Now the fun is making your favourite cup or an unusual container to place your leaves-plants!

If you are familiar with the paper cutting, you can add the leaves more detailed, as I did. I hope you enjoyed my project!

See you soon,




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