how to make pressed flower soap

how to make pressed flower soap

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how to make pressed flower soap

We’re feeling colorful around here lately with our summer vibes at The Handmade Home. So the other day, we decided to try our hand at a simple project full of color and fun: pressed flower soap!

Handmade soaps are so much fun, there’s just something so satisfying about the entire process that we adore. And they make the best gifts! For someone special, or yourself. ;}

pressed flower soap

These add lots of color and potential variety to any bath.

There’s something about them that feel kind of Victorian, in a way. 

how to make pressed flower soap

They also kind of remind me of a set of trivets my mom had in the early 80’s. Which I know, is the farthest thing from victorian. They had all the pressed flowers on the inside, and I was kind of obsessed with them.

These are just the sweetest little bar of happy. 

easy pressed flower soap

We even made a little video below because we were so excited to show how to make these fun little colorful creations in a simple way!

So without further ado,

how to make your very own pressed flower soap: 

pressed flower soap

What you’ll need: (affiliate links below)

• silicone soap mold
• organic goat’s milk glycerin soap base
• organic clear glycerin soap base
• isopropyl alcohol spray
• dried flowers
• essential oils for a scent of your choice – currently obsessed with this one
• heat sensitive measuring cup {with a spout and handle for easy pouring}

supplies pressed flower soap

Pressed flower soap steps:

Place your mold on a work safe surface, and choosing your dried flowers of choice, place them in the mold. 

Hint: It’s fun to have a variety so mix it up- but make sure they are face down when it matters because this will actually be the top of your soap when it’s complete. 

simple pressed flower soap

Taking your transparent soap, cut into small pieces and place in your mixing cup to microwave – it’s best to start at 30 seconds and then mix it in with 10-15 additional seconds from there, in between, until fully melted.

When it’s ready, gently pour into your mold about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way full, or until most of the flowers are covered.

Spray with alcohol – this helps eliminate bubbles. 

After that’s finished, let the first layer dry for about ten minutes. 

Start prepping your second round of soap while you wait – the goat’s milk glycerin soap. 

Break it up in the same way, and heat in the microwave, pausing to stir in between. When you’re ready, add the essential oil scent of your choice, to your desired level. Mix in. 

diy pressed flower soap

Gently pour it over the first layer of flowers, and wait for it to dry. 

I waited at least an hour before removing the flowers from the mold to make sure they were nice and dry. 

PS. this is the most satisfying part – it’s so much fun! They will just pop right out. TADA! You have the cutest flower soap, ever!

homemade pressed flower soap

And you’re all done. 

handmade soap

Pressed flower soap printables

These pair perfectly with our labels, found in our original soap post, here. — You can find an entire spa kit with lots of ideas and matching labels for a nice little packaging option! 

easy handmade soap

We just love all these funky colors and fresh vibes they give off. 

diy soap gift

So as always, let us know if you try this! It’s such a great summer fun, easy project. We’d love to see! 

handmade soap

And for more great soap/spa ideas, be sure to check out our other recipes here! 

Have an inspired day!

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