Introducing Adobe Creative Resident Jessica Bellamy


Today marks the celebration of Jessica Bellamy, our fifth Adobe Creative Residency talent hailing from the lovely Louisville, Kentucky. Bellamy specializes in infographic design by telling visual and personalized stories using data with a focus on driving social change. As a former PR professional myself, I personally appreciate this vertical within design as infographics are something I have heavily relied on to catch media’s attention with a story idea. Bellamy has a strong (and might we add altruistic) belief that good work deserves good design predominantly partnering with nonprofits and community groups to help create compelling materials that break down complex customer, service and policy information. During her year long residency thanks to Adobe,  Bellamy will be pursuing new approaches in her creative process and execution of her designs as well as encouraging the creative community to support and promote working with nonprofits. Peek our favorite visuals from Jessica Bellamy’s portfolio below and be sure to check out what it takes to join Adobe’s Creative Residency for 2018 here. 


Jessica Bellamy

Jessica Bellamy

As an Adobe Creative Resident, Jessica’s overall goal is to change the face of Communication Design. She’ll be tackling new approaches to her creative process, execution, and evaluation in order to develop a new method to provoke a cultural shift.






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Jessica Bellamy graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Louisville (UofL) with degrees in Drawing (BFA), Graphic Design (BFA), Pan African Studies (BA), and a minor in Communication. As a former Neurodevelopmental Science research analyst at UofL and activist in Kentucky, Jessica created a business that combines grassroots community organizing, research, and information graphics. That business was GRIDS: The Grassroots Information Design Studio.

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