Introducing: Template App – A Beautiful Mess

Introducing: Template App – A Beautiful Mess

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We are beyond excited to share our newest app, Template, with you all today!!!! We have been working really hard on this app all year and we’re thrilled to launch and see people actually use it! What does the Template app do? It’s a super-easy-to-use photo and video app that allows you to better design your Instagram feed and stories. You can quickly create beautiful slideshows for your main grid, or add cute and customized designs and frames to your stories content.

One thing we are really excited about with Template is how many designs we are launching with … it’s insane!

Template comes loaded with one of the largest design libraries for laying out photos + videos at over 500 modern layouts. Whoa! These are specifically designed for stories, single-feed posts, and galleries. The app includes:
• 100+ seamless, swipeable gallery Templates
• 200+ feed Templates
• 200+ Story Templates
• 70 fonts, batched by style
• Custom brushes
• Customizable illustrations

And if you want to see Template in action, follow the Template IG account to see lots of examples.

The app is free to download and comes with over 60 design options (what????!!!!). You can purchase additional designs packs or subscribe to Template+ to get everything. We are SO excited to see what template designs you all love most!

Template is currently only available for iOS. We would love to create an Android version, but as a small business we need to see the response first before we dive in to that additional investment.

Let us know what questions you have! And thank you in advance for your support. xo. Emma, Elsie & the Filmm team

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