Keep the kids busy with wilko this summer

Keep the kids busy with wilko this summer

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RAINBOW SUNCATCHER CRAFT EASYAdvert. Whether it’s boiling sunshine or tipping it down with rain there’s one thing that all parents spend the summer holidays needing to do and that’s keeping the kids busy! I love spending the summer holidays with my two at home but I know that I also get The Panic, after all six weeks is quite a long period of time and costs can stack up pretty quickly – I’m totally one of those people that can go out to buy a loaf of bread and come back with hardly any change from a tenner. No matter if you’re spending time indoors or out wilko have tons of great value ways to keep the kids busy, from awesome outdoor toys at low prices to craft materials that kids will love (my daughters eyes lit up when she saw our selection) and which we’ve used with some recycled materials to make a sweet rainbow suncatcher that’s great for fine motor skills too.

wilko outdoor toys

Go Outdoors with Wilko

We loved the outdoor toys wilko sent us which are perfect for playing with in the garden. On hot days both kids love to play with water so the water pistol and octopus fun water sprayer were both really popular while they both had a great time bouncing the inflatable hopper down the hill in our garden, apparently much more fun than sticking to the flat area!

During the summer we normally pop a few garden toys into a bag to take to the beach or when we go camping and the catch them out game and boom bat set are both perfect for this, keeping them happy while we’re outdoors.

Imagine and Create

When I was asked if I’d like to work with wilko and their craft materials I knew I’d have no problem in doing so because hand on heart I have bought so much stuff from there over the years, it really is a treasure trove for affordable kids craft materials. As a family we do a lot of drawing so these felt tip pens and watercolour pencils are perfect, just grab a notebook or some plain paper and they’re great for popping in your bag for going out or match them with the wilko paintbrush set to try out your watercolour skills at home.

Rainbow Suncatcher Craft

We decided to make something out of the wilko craft platter, with 836 pieces it’s enough to keep kids busy for ages and we only used the foam stickers in ours so there’s plenty left for another day. This simple craft is great for fine motor skills, I actually thought my five year old might find it a little tricky but her finished version is pretty much perfect! If you like this craft make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you don’t forget about it.

rainbow crafts for kids easy fine motor

To make this craft we started out by cutting the rainbow shape out of an old milk carton, once you’ve cut the bottom part off the milk carton you can fold out the rest of the plastic and the bends in it disappear meaning you can get much larger shapes cut out from it than you’d first think.

Next colour in your rainbow using the stickers from the wilko craft platter, both my daughter and I made one and it’s a really nice, relaxing activity to do together. When it’s finished you can pop it up in a window using a bit of sellotape and the light will come through the opaque ‘glass’ from the milk carton. It’s super cheerful and a really easy and cheap way to craft together too.

There’s a massive range of things in wilko that are perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer and I’m pretty sure we’ll be popping in before the holiday is over to stock up on more craft supplies and outdoor toys. Being so affordable it makes it really easy for me as a parent to make sure the kids have an amazing summer no matter what the weather is like.

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