Painter Kisung Koh‘s realistic, yet spiritual creatures return in a new show at Thinkspace Projects. These enlarged subjects set walk “become emissaries of a spiritual dimension,” the gallery says, and force us to examine our own place in nature. “Way of Life II” runs Feb. 2 through Feb. 23 at the gallery. (Koh was last featured on here.)

“In Way of Life II, Koh considers the necessity of interrelationships, and the fundamental exclusions and reciprocities established between creatures in wild coexistence to survive,” the gallery says. “Koh hopes to encourage the viewer to question the basis of these exchanges and to think about how we occupy its propositions. Are we aggressors and predators, or hapless victims? Or, as is more generally and imperfectly the case, a complex and unreconciled embodiment of the two.”

See more works from the show below.

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