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Macramé is a 1970s-era craft that, in the past few years, has had a contemporary revival. The knot-based textile art had previously been associated with your groovy grandmother’s house; but today, crafters have transformed macramé into a must-have for cool and cozy home decor.

If you’ve seen macramé plant holders or wall hangings and always wanted to try making them for yourself, you’re in luck. The activity is easy to get started as it requires very few materials—the most important is finding your favorite rope or string. Depending on your project, you might also need a dowel rod or rings to hang your work once you’re done.

Like most crafts, you can learn a great deal of macramé on your own. YouTube is a fantastic (and free!) resource for learning the basic knots and techniques, as well as tutorials for plant hangers, coasters, and more. Scroll down for an essential supply list, YouTube videos to learn knots, and kits you can buy to start your macramé journey.

Essential Macramé Supplies


Photo: Stock Photos from Liudmila Fadzeyeva/Shutterstock

You can produce your own macramé with shoelaces—so many types of string will do. But as you start the craft, it’s wise to invest in some of these basic materials to help you begin knotting.

100% Cotton 5mm Twisted Rope

Macrame Rope

Cord and Rope | $26.99

As a beginner, you’ll want to look for a 100% cotton 5mm twisted rope. It’s not too thick or too thin and is easy to tie knots with as you work on your macramé dexterity.

1/4-Inch Braided Cotton Rope

Macrame Rope

Knot & Rope Supply | $.13 (per foot)

If you’re looking for a larger rope (aka sash cord), try this high-quality braided cotton rope sold by Knot & Rope.

5mm Cotton String

Macrame Rope

MB Cordas | $24.99

Many macramé projects have fringed edges. To achieve that effect, use string. Making fringe requires you to unwind string or rope. If you were to unwind rope, you’d find that it’s wound so tight that the fibers are wavy. String, on the other hand, will produce straight strands.

Dowel Rods

Dowel Rod

Woodpeckers | $15.45

Dowel rods will be the anchor for your wall hangings.

Metal Hoops

Metal Rods

Outtuxed | $14.99

For circular wall hangings or macramé mobiles, you’ll want to work with metal hoops. They come in various sizes—often in packs of two or three (or more).

Safety Pins

Safety Pins

Singer | $1.79

When crafting flat objects—such as coasters—safety pins will help you hold things together.

Learn Macramé Knots and Patterns on YouTube

YouTube has a wealth of macramé knowledge. Here are popular videos to teach you beginner knots and introduce you to popular projects.

How To: Macrame Basics

10 Easy Macrame Knots and Patterns

Easy Macrame Mini Wall Hanging

30-Minute Wall Hanging

Plant Hanger

Easy Macrame Keychain

DIY Macramé Coaster

DIY Large Feather / Leaf

Intermediate-Level Macrame Tutorial

Macramé Kits and PDF Patterns

Many kits will include everything you need to make a specific project, while patterns are a great way to make something new once you have your essential supplies. Scroll down for both.

7 of Hearts Pattern

Macrame Pattern

Tamar Samplonius | $7.74

Spain Macrame Kit

Macrame Knots Kit

Knot It Yourself | $29

Macrame Wall Hanging PDF Pattern

Macrame Pattern

Knots and Wallflowers | $7.49

Macrame PDF Pattern

Macrame Pattern

Tamar Samplonius | $5.93

Macrame Tutorial for Beginners

Macrame Kit

Vanir Creations | $34.91+

Beginner Craft Kit

Macrame Knots Kit

Weaver Walker | $12.50

Double X DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame Kit

Willow and Rosebud | $30

Macrame Pod Tutorial

Macrame Kit

Pelote Et Compagnie | $5.62

Plant Hanger Kit and Video Tutorial

Macrame Knots Kit

The Hanging Cactus | $32.07

DIY Macrame Coasters

Macrame Kit

Lark + Feather | $22.46

3 Feather DIY Kit

Macrame Knots Kit

Cotton Dreamer | $22.73

Two-Colored Macrame Wall Decorate Kit

Macrame Knots Kit

Daslia | $10.48

Macrame Necklace Kit

Macrame Knots Kit

Stitching Me Softly | $32.07+

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