Logo Design: Bats

Logo Design: Bats

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Logo Design - Bats miifplus art and craft shareLogo Design - Bats miifplus art and craft share

We keep going through our weekly journey checking out great logos! We’re thinking ahead and we want to find new topics, good ones, to share with you guys. Last week we featured more logos with rhinos, and today we’re featuring logos with bats!

Just in case you might wonder, I’m not forgetting Batman’s logo. Back in 2009 we had a post featuring the evolution of that logo, so if you want to catch up, here’s the link. Every week we search through our favorite galleries: Logopond and Dribbble. Both are a great communities for designers everywhere. Also, if you you’d like to suggest ideas for the next subjects, please, tell me by sending me sending me a tweet: @paulogabriel. Cheers! 😉

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