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Okay so if you’ve been reading our posts, then you know we went from this:


to this, with visions of grandeur in our heads. {Windows + doors in our last post!} 

Read: We’re building this addition for more space in our home to entertain = winning. We have our entire journey behind this little money pit, here. 

{Pssst: You can get an idea of more before and afters at a glimpse, by checking out our spring tour with some before and afters. It’s like the CliffsNotes version of our house because aintnobodygottimeforthat. If you want it in real time, with toilet installations and septic tank grief, start at the beginning in the Money Pit link above. We promise not to disappoint with three years and going strong of antics galore. Wheeee.}

But all that to say, that streetlight is coming down, suckas.

It’s been such an eye sore, but I’ve actually grown a little fond of it. 

Side tangent: We recently saw an overhead of our house circa 1983 – I was three. That blows my mind. Our neighbors are doing some historical footage for their work, and sent this over, which we thought was pretty awesome. We have yet to dig into the past ownership of our home, but we plan to do that soon.

Did I mention it’s definitely haunted? 

But I’m sharing this to show you… we’ve lost a few trees along the way {so we planted some more this week} and that street light has ALWAYS been there.




Be gone, streetlight. I think the ghost resides there. CAROL ANNE! DON’T GO INTO THE LIGHT!–Anyone else traumatized by that movie when they were younger? I’m done rambling now. Reeling it in…

It’s so funny how things change when you’re planning out a space. I think we have pretty much scratched all our design plans for the inside, and some for the outside too, since we’ve officially begun. Choosing something for our clients is no big deal, and always turns out just fine if we do say so ourselves, but my overthinking takes over when I’m working on our spaces.

I truly believe that the first option is better. 

But this is the best photo in the world, because all things Frogtape®. I truly need to keep a running talley of all the things we’ve now officially mapped out in our house and on the job, to make sure we’re on the same page with framers, electricians, drywall guys, etc. You get my drift. The other day, we mapped out the floor with all the furniture and their sizes, to make sure that the lights would be properly positioned. We had to get this one right from the get go, since we’ll be be planking the ceiling again.

I think that you can do computer diagrams all day long, but sometimes nothing beats a good old fashioned tape off. It’s our favorite tool. All that aside, we had plans for the fireplace that will function the same as our indoor fireplace. But here we are with this: 

Not bad for mapping it out with a little frogtape, ey?

Yes, I am suddenly Canadian. {They’re such nice people.} Here’s our original diagram. The idea is hidden TV over the space, which worked out nicely for us in the great room…

Pssst: You can read more about that entire process, here. 

But since that initial diagram, all the plans for the design have changed. Because I fell head over heels in love with this tile. 

It’s so scrumptious, I want to make out with it, and I’m not even sorry about it. If tile were edible, it would get in my bellah… okay. You get the point. No need for me to make it weird. 

It sparkles! It’s marble.

And I’m obsessed because it’s beautiful. 

If I could be a tile, this would be me. 

It’s actually a part of Jeffrey Court’s Trade collection, and a part of their Park Place line. It’s available through a dealer or designer for purchase so be sure to check out those options, here.

This is different than their Home Depot Collections, and not to be confused with those lines, which you can take a look at, here. But don’t you love this little sneak peek?! We love that the space is coming together!

Ps. It sparkles. 

Oooohhh a Sparkly. 

It’s a wonder we weren’t all traumatized by this movie when we were  younger.

Perhaps more so than Poltergeist?

So we’ve come to a bit of a waiting game with inspectors, after the electrician came and did his bidding. The framing is also now officially done, {we passed our inspections!} and next is insulation and drywall, aka that part of the project that feels like it’s moving along quickly again!

Speaking of changing my mind, I talked a little about our plans for this abandoned Disney Movie set in the post on progress before our last one. I’ve decided the brick has to go, since it’s so incomplete. Read: I totally changed my mind. 

We’re going for a seamless look in the addition, even though everyone knows it’s an addition. Sometimes, that’s unavoidable in older homes, but we’re going to rid ourselves of the brick since it feels so odd to me in the space, and I’m looking for a practical solution with labor and materials cost.

I had three options: the idea I presented in the last post, bricking it all in with a brick-look tile to try and match it up, or option three, which I’ll be sharing soon.

I wasn’t happy with the other two, and since we want it to look right… so stay tuned. 

But I leave you with this.

Next steps coming soon!

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

We’d love to hear from you and thank you as always for stopping by! Have an inspired day!

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