Marvellous Mother’s Day Cards Made Easy On A Budget

Marvellous Mother’s Day Cards Made Easy On A Budget

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What type of mother’s day cards will you send to your Mother that will make her feel amazing? The idea of a mother’s day card is to display how much you care, how much thought you put into it and how much you value your relationship. 

When you take that into consideration, there are so many styles you can go for. That’s why today I’m giving you the choice of 5 awesome DIY Mother’s Day Cards.

Marvellous Mother’s Day Cards Made Easy On A Budget

Printable Cards - Header

Using Graphics For My Handmade Mother’s Day Cards

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I decided to choose these wonderful designs from DesignBundles as they’re available in so many different styles, it will work perfectly. Not to mention, I can also sell whatever I make using the graphics from DesignBundles, how cool is that?! 

Yes! You can too because the commercial licenses are included. I haven’t managed to discover another platform that offers commercial licenses included in the base price (they can cost up to a few hundred quid). You can then also get mockups on DesignBundles. Using Canva again, you can simply overlay your card designs onto these ‘mock’ backgrounds, like desks or walls. Mockups are traditionally used by designers for promotional materials; images, brochures, catalogues etc.

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Two Printable Mother’s Day Cards: 

Of course, mother’s day cards aren’t just for ‘mums’. Some may have lost their parents and have a relative who has stepped into the Mother role, so you can make a heartfelt card for anyone using these graphics. 

How To Make & Print Mother’s Day Cards

Total Time: 5 minutes

Visit, login and open a new A4 document

Next, using the pane on the right hand side, select ‘elements’ and then ‘grids’. We are looking for a four part grid to cover our page. 

Mothers Day Cards Canva Select Elements

Change the Background

Move the grid out of the way momentarily. Select the background and change the colour to a very light grey. It’s so you know where to fold and cut, don’t worry, we cover the spine with tape. So it won’t be noticeable. 

Mothers day cards change background

Upload PNG Files

Navigate to the pane again and go down to ‘uploads’. That’s where you will upload the graphics you downloaded from DesignBundles. Simply upload the PNG files. Then select each part of the grid and choose the colour white for the background.
Make It all white

Placing The Image

When you select your image, click it, don’t drag this png anywhere. If you drag it, it may replace the white background inside the grid. You need to change the size by dragging the corners down to where you want your image to be located on your card. Then use keyboard keys to nudge into the centre. 
Placing The Image

Download the file as a PDF

Now it’s time to download the PDF version and now we are ready to print! 
Canva Mothers Day Cards

Printable mother's day card for Nana

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Printing Handmade Mother’s Day Cards: 

I recommend using the free version of Adobe Acrobat DC PDF reader, choose the first link for the Free option (no trial period).

These instructions are going to be for a mac, but the interface is rather similar, they may just be named different things. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Print Settings

Open the PDF and hit the print button. Before we commence printing though, we need to double-check all of our settings. Hit ‘advanced’ in the top corner.

Mother's Day Cards - Print as Image at 300 DPI
Ensure that ‘print as image’ is selected at 300dpi. Then click ‘ok’.
Mother's day cards - Printer settings
Back at the window for all settings, you must navigate to the bottom left corner and hit ‘printer’. Ensure your printer is selected from the drop-down menu at the top, ‘color’ must be selected. Double-check that the ‘Media & Quality’ is selected, I usually choose cover page to try and get a high-quality print. For Media Type, I selected premium matte paper even though I was using bright white A4 cardstock. If you like, you can do small print tests for each to see which is best. Using the slider, ensure it’s at ‘best’ then hit ‘print’.

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Cutting, Folding and Decorating

Now it’s time to cut the cards, we want to remove the grey line above or below the card so use a paper trimmer to get rid of it.

Mother's day cards - use a bone folder

Use the middle grey line to act as a guide for folding, then use a bone folder or the back of a knife to ensure the crease is crisp. 

Printable mother's day cards - folded

Find a pretty washi tape to hide the spine and trim the ends very carefully. 

Mother's day cards - washi tape decor

Bonus ‘Hand Lettered’ Cards Using Real Pens

Hand lettered mother's day cards

You can still print the following designs, but I wanted to test the Cricut Joy and their glitter pens so I decided to see what the print quality was like. If you have a Cricut Maker, you can do the same. You simply need the pen sets. 

Cricut joy using Pens

I uploaded the PNG files to the design space and added the pen to the little clamp. When I added the PNG file to the canvas within DesignSpace, make the png smaller, then hit ‘make’.

Cricut Joy Pens - Mother's day cards

When you hit ‘make’, you can then select the card size and use the card mat to insert into the Cricut Joy, and continue. Let the machine work away and then I decided I actually wanted my lines filled in and did those by hand. But you can do them with filled lines using the machine. I just wanted to see how it looked first as an outline.

Close up of Cricut Glitter pens
Mother's day cards to make and print on a budget

Et Voila!  Your Mother’s Day Cards Are Ready 

Making an impactful Mother’s day card may be incredibly daunting.  Invest enough time and choose the type of card designs that suits your mum (or mother figure) and her personality. As you can see, you can buy the graphics (with commercial licenses) for a few pounds. Then you need some bright white card stock and you’re ready to go. 

Mother's day cards to make and print - Handmade cards

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