This one might be one of my very favorite before and afters, yet.

Okay fine. We say that every time. But when our sweet clients were ready to update their kitchen, they were looking to open up their floor plan and get rid of the builder’s grade fabulousness. 

So help them get rid of it, we did. Bye, circa 2002. 

We think this is the perfect example of smooth collaborations between all the moving parts of a project. It was a fun partnership between an awesome client, a great contractor David Banker, a design team to guide the process, and trust between them all. We have to say, these before and afters were worth the wait. 

We loved that the center of this kitchen now became the new windows that are a real show piece, and anchor the space for everything else.

These sweet clients have a pool, and like us, do most of their entertaining in the summer. With three kids, This is most definitely the hub of their house. So it needed to stay practical but also offer so much more. We love the way form and function came together in a beautiful way for this space. 

Where the laundry room once took up a large bulk of their kitchen, {to the left in the photo below} it was moved back to the door you see in the center, so they could clear out and use a stackable washer and dryer. This basically left a whole lot of space for more kitchen.

Her countertops are a black granite and quartzite. For low maintenance and oh so gawgeous.

And those floors… they might be my favorite part. But it’s hard to pick. 

They were able to open up their dining room space to make it a part of the kitchen, and simplify the two seating areas which were once kind of oddly side by side. It now allows space for an island for seating, with kiddos, and more adults at the table. Their buffet which is perfect for storage, even got an upgrade with a fresh coat of paint to tie the entire design together. Removing that tray ceiling helped so much to open it all up. 

True to 2000 ish design vibes, this little window in the dining room once peeked into the kitchen, on the other side of the sink. We joked about Melanie handing over dishes through the window, all in the name of practicality, I guess?

Removing that wall was all about this kitchen realizing its true potential.

Basically, it’s Ninjago for kitchens. Yes, I did just write that. 

The gorgeous lights, of course, are from Kichler.

I absolutely love how they polished up the entire space, oh so perfectly. 

I could personally eat this chandelier. Is that weird?

This little sconce blends perfectly over the window.

And these pendants though. 

They also installed some fabulous under cabinet lighting from Kichler.

Game. Changer. 

Just one more from this angle since it made such a huge difference…

The fabulous backsplash is Jeffrey Court’s Allegro White Bevel. 

It brought so much character into the space, with a hint of glam to carry their look throughout. And we love the contrast with the beautiful stain of the floor, and shelving, too. 

There were so many fun accents that we loved bringing in from the great brass lamps to top off the buffet, art to add a hint of modern, and even the gorgeous bowls handed down from his mom for hints of color amongst the neutral. 

This kitchen went from sufficient to amazing in just a few months’ time!

We really feel like a lot of what brought their awesome cabinetry to life, was their beautiful hardware. We loved bringing in these gorgeous brass pieces from D. Lawless.

Since this wall is now open, we were able to move the bar to the right side of the space, and push it back where there are now two walkways on each side. Standing in the dining room, this was once the view…

And since the bar is now turned, it’s easily accessible, much more functional, and a whole lot more attractive… if we do say so ourselves. 

For what it’s worth, we had a lot of fun styling this space. Their last name is Selby. Therefore, our Edible Selby cookbook {I happened to randomly have in my styling stash} worked perfectly in their kitchen. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today. We appreciate your support so much.

It was an honor to be a part of this project, and we adore working with great clients and partners to create beautiful, practical spaces. Have an inspired day!

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