Moleskine meets Middle Earth in the stationery brand’s precious limited edition collection of hardcover notebooks inspired by The Lord of the Rings. We take a look at the different styles and what you can expect.

Artists and writers alike will be excited to hear Moleskine just launched a range of striking notebooks inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy The Lord of the Rings. The limited edition collection features four hardcover notebooks, each with Tolkien-esque ink work on the covers that regale pivotal moments of the saga.

The interior of the notebooks showcase Tolkien’s original sketches too, while the paperband around the notebook unfolds to a chart of Frodo and Sam’s journey. The notebooks comes with a guide to the Cirth alphabet, the Middle Earth Elvish language created by Tolkien, so enthusiasts can practice their rune writing skills too.

The Moleskine notebooks are ruled and available in two sizes, large (5in x 8.25in) or pocket-sized (3.5in x 5.5in), depending on the design you choose.

‘Shire’, which is pocket-sized, captures Frodo and Sam in little gold detailing, as they depart from Bag End. You can get if from Moleskine for £16.99 or from Amazon for £13.96/US$19.65.

Moleskine Lord of the Rings Shire Interior

‘Isengard’, also pocket-sized, depicts Saruman’s Orthanc fortress in Isengard. You’ll also find gold detailing of four Ents (giant talking tree creatures) with Pippin and Merry. It’s available for £16.99 from Moleskine or for £13.96/US$19.41 on Amazon.

Moleskine Lord of the Rings Isengard

‘Moria’, large-sized, depicts the Doors of Durin and the cliffs of Silvertine. It costs £22.99 from Moleskine or £18.15/$23.17 on Amazon.

Moleskine Lord of the Rings Moria

Moleskine Lord of the Rings Moria

Finally, ‘Mount Doom’, also large-sized, captures the moment when Frodo and Sam approach the ominous mountain. You can pick this style up from Moleskine for £22.99 or from Amazon for £18.15/US$23.18.

Moleskine Lord of the Rings Doom

There’s also a Lord of the Rings Collector’s Box, a red hardbound case with the One Ring emblazoned on the front. Inside, you’ll find a hardcover notebook decorated with a black and gold illustration of the 20 Rings of Power – along with Tolkien’s epigraph about the different rings. The Collector’s Box includes the Cirth alphabet book as well.

Moleskine Lord of the Rings Limited Edition

Moleskine’s Lord of the Rings limited edition collection was only available in the UK but is now available worldwide. You can pick it up directly from Moleskine’s site or on Amazon.

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