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We love easy craft ideas and this cute mosaic cactus craft certainly fits the bill. While you can certainly draw the cactus out yourself why not make this even easier by using our cactus craft template? This is a great activity for practicing using scissors and is a great way for using up any old scrap paper too.

mosaic cactus craft

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Cactus Craft

This craft is super easy to make and a fun idea for a summer themed craft too. As you can use our cactus template and make this craft using scrap paper it’s also a really useful craft for when you don’t want to go out and buy a lot of new craft supplies. No one wants to buy a load of new stuff that you might only use once.

As well as the cactus craft tutorial I’ve also shared a few ideas for other summer crafts for kids that you can make using our craft templates. You can find these at the end of this post.

Mosaic Cactus Craft Supplies

  • Cactus template
  • Green paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Optional: pink pom poms

Cactus craft for kids preschool

Cactus Craft Template

I made this craft using our free cactus craft template. You can print as many copies of it as you like meaning that this is a great craft to do in a classroom or preschool too.

We share loads of free templates for kids crafts so if you like this template be sure to check some more of those out too.

How to Make Your Cactus Craft

Print out your cactus template. You can of course just draw a cactus yourself but using a template can make it easier for you.

cactus craft printable

Cut out shapes from green paper. This is a great way to use up any scrap paper and for this craft I’ve used some junk mail too that we had delivered just before I started this craft! It had lots of pictures of hills and woodland so was perfect for creating some textured colour on the cactus.

Getting your shapes ready is a great excuse for kids to practice using scissors (supervised of course) and you can also have a chat about shapes while you’re doing it, have you cut out squares or rectangles?

For mosaics we like to cut out a variety of sizes for our craft but I normally find that this happens naturally rather than through any concerted effort.

paper mosaic craft for kids cactus

Next cover your cactus shape in glue. Either a glue stick similar to Pritt Stick or liquid PVA glue similar to Elmer’s is fine to use here but it’s a lot easier to put the glue onto the cactus shape than it is onto the individual pieces of paper. If you use PVA glue then you can use a glue spreader to spread this out on the picture.

When your cactus is covered in glue you can then start covering it in the green paper to colour your cactus in.

how to make a mosaic craft for kids

For my cactus craft I’ve also added some little pink pom poms for pink flowers which I’ve glued down. If you’d like to do this but don’t have any pink pom poms then some alternatives could be cutting flower shapes out of pink paper, using pink stickers such as dot stickers or scrunch up a piece of pink tissue paper into a ball and glue this onto it.

More Crafts for Kids

This nature themed butterfly craft for kids is really popular and is a fun excuse to get the kids outside for an activity too.

You can also grab one of our free templates to make this shark craft using dot painting.

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