Narwhal and Jelly: Paper Plate Crafts

Narwhal and Jelly: Paper Plate Crafts

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narwhal and jelly book craft for kidsAdvert. I’m so excited to share with you these super cute crafts to celebrate the publication of the new Narwhal and Jelly series by Ben Clanton! These books are perfect for kids – I know this because when I went to photograph them my two had hidden them in their ‘special place for books they don’t want touching’ and they’ve spent the weekend giggling along to Narwhal and Jelly’s adventures in the ocean complete with jokes, facts and a lot about waffles! These Narwhal and Jelly paper plate crafts are super easy to make so after your kids have had fun reading the books they’ll be able to have fun making their own super duo.

About Narwhal and Jelly

Narwhal and Jelly is a series of books that have just launched in the UK from Egmont Publishing. The books are about two friends that love adventures, parties and waffles (especially waffles) and they’re perfect for kids aged five and over who are progressing from picture books as they’re created as early graphic novels with loads of pictures. When we got these books I read the first book (Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea) to both my kids as a bedtime story and then I discovered my son (8) reading Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt to my daughter who is 5. She liked it so much she then made an entire Super Narwhal book herself and took it into school as a gift for her class, I figure you can’t get much higher praise than that!

narwhal unicorn of the sea craft

Like these crafts? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you can find it again later – you can make the crafts with your kids when they’ve read the books too!

Narwhal Paper Plate Craft

narwhal craft for kids paper plate easy

To make your paper plate Narwhal you will need a paper plate, some grey paint (I made mine by mixing some white paint with a drop of black), some glue or double sided sellotape, plain card and a black pen.

Start by cutting a ‘V’ shape from the bottom of your paper plate to make the main part of Narwhal’s body, keep the two small parts of paper plate that you’ve just cut off as you will need these for the next step.

Cut one of the discarded parts in half, these will make Narwhal’s flippers. From the second piece cut out the bottom part of Narwhal’s tail – this should look a bit like a heart shape. You can see all of the cut out pieces of Narwhal below to give you an idea what I mean! Once you’ve cut all the body parts out paint them and leave them to dry.

narwhal paper plate craft tutorial

Once your grey paint is set you can put your paper plate Narwhal together! Glue or sellotape the flippers to the side of the body and the tail to the bottom and then cut out Narwhal’s horn from a piece of white card (I used a left over bit of another paper plate)and draw some lines on it then glue it onto Narwhal’s head. All you need to do now is draw in Narwhal’s eyes and a happy grin using a black pen and it’s done! Now it’s time to make the other part of the duo….

Jelly Paper Plate Craft

jellyfish craft for kids paper plate easy

Jelly is super easy to make – you’ll need another paper plate for him, some blue paint, blue paper or card, glue and a black pen.

Start by cutting a piece from the bottom of your paper plate to make the main part of Jelly’s body and then paint this plate blue. Once the paint is dry cut your blue paper into strips and glue these onto the bottom of the paper plate to make Jelly’s tentacles.

easy paper plate jellyfish craft

To finish your paper plate Jelly grab your black pen again and draw in his eyes and mouth – will he be happy or sad or thinking about his next adventure?!

The Narwhal and Jelly series by Ben Clanton is now available through Egmont Publishing – find out more or order your copies here.

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