Need A Craft Desk? Check Out Everything You Need To Know + Options

Need A Craft Desk? Check Out Everything You Need To Know + Options

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When it comes to being a good craft desk shopper, you’re doing great. Getting all of the relevant options, looking at their average reviews and prices is the best thing you could be doing right now. So you know you’re on the right path. If you have any questions at all about the Dreambox, please ask them in the comments section and I will answer ASAP. 

The step after this one is making a firm decision, so scroll down to get all of the information you need. There are so many things to consider before you even LOOK at craft desk options. Seriously. It’s often the most overlooked step, you’d be surprised how many buy furniture that’s a little too big or a little too small. They turn into goldilocks but a really expensive version. Which is the opposite of what you should be doing.

Need A Craft Desk? Check Out Everything You Need To Know + Options

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What You Must Think About Before Buying A Craft Desk or Sewing Table: 


Craft Desk question 1

Will It Fit In Your Current Space? 

You don’t want a piece of furniture to take over an entire room, but it is important that you get a table big enough for you to work on. When measuring any space, do it from baseboard to baseboard, skirting board to skirting board.


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How Tall Is The Craft Desk?

Before We Get Started, Have You Taken The Customised Craft Furniture Quiz?

Do you prefer to craft standing? Or sitting on a barstool? The Dreambox Craft cabinet has a desk that can be adjusted to different heights so you can stand and craft, or if you’re a giant like me, sit at it on a barstool. Whatever is comfortable for the way that you work. You must be realistic about the size that you require. 

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What Color Of Craft Desk Should You Get? 

I wanted light to bounce off every surface in my craft room to make it as bright as possible due to living in a gross grey country. That wouldn’t work in somewhere like Australia where you might go snow blind. Do you want a bright room? I got white floors, a white desk, everything is white (apart from a lemon vintage cabinet that I put in a dark corner to brighten it). 


The Dreambox in the Heart Handmade UK Craft Room

Is The Surface Smooth or Textured? 

If you paint like I do, you will need two things; a smooth desk and a wallpaper scraper. Those are two essentials for no-fuss paint clean up. Don’t fart around trying to clean wet paint, it’s much easier to remove with the scraper and a quick wipe after works a treat. 


How Sturdy is it? 

Do you need to apply pressure to whatever you make? If you’re working with clay then you need a STRONG table that can handle a real beating. I’m very impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the Dreambox so I imagine that their DreamCart and SewStation are at a similar standard. Remember, you can save $100 off your order by using code HHMUK100 (one week only!).


The SewStation from The Original Scrapbox Company
>> You can buy the SewStation right here and save $100 using code HHMUK100600


The DreamCart - Two leaf open

This is the Dreamcart with space for two crafters!


Easy access storage in the Dreambox
The Heart Handmade UK Dreambox with easy reach storage

Is There Space For ‘Easy Reach’ Storage? 

You need either some built-in storage so you have access to the craft supplies and tools that you use the most. Additionally, if you’re really stuck for space you may require a more portable solution. You could use a rolling Ikea cart but truthfully, having a desk attached to a unit is what makes crafting really possible. 

You will have easy reach INSTANT access to a huge range of supplies, right within reach. That encourages creativity on a daily basis so it’s really important that you think about the way you like to craft and the types of supplies that need to be in reach. 

When I moved house and had to get rid of the desk that attached to my Kallax unit, my crafting pretty much stopped. The supplies went in the large unit and it turned into a black hole. It was a pain in the butt getting supplies out because I was exhausted before I even started, so I stopped. 

That’s how important built-in storage is. 


Craft Desk Options: 


The Dreambox Desk


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The ultimate craft haven

 705 5* Reviews

“Finally all of my supplies are altogether in my own craft workspace.”

  • It’s an entire craft room in one cabinet
  • 85,000 cubic inches of storage space
  • Up to 80 InView™ Totes for your favourite supplies 
  • Huge craft desk that can be adjusted to two separate heights
  • Integrates with all other Original Scrapbox Furniture
  • Side tables give even more space
  • Some can be purchased pre-built!

Starting at $2,199.00 or as low as $70.95 / MONTH*

Coupon code = 🇺🇸 HMUK100 or 🇬🇧 HHMUK


The DreamCart with storage


24 5* Reviews

“The DreamCart is exactly what the name says. It makes crafting fun and organized.”

  • Sturdy caster wheels for easy movement
  • One or two table leafs
  • 13 InView™ Totes (DreamBox totes)
  • Latch system to lock to DreamBox
  • Starting At $499.00

+ Free International shipping & 0% Apr


Crea counter height craft table - is it worth it?

Crea Counter Height Craft Table With Storage

2 3* Reviews 

If I could give this product zero stars, I would.”

Ok, maybe not this one.


Craft desk with hutch storage and pegboard

Bambi Craft Unit

10 4.5* Reviews 

“ The storage and work area is just what is needed. “ 

  • Built-in pegboard in the storage
  • Lots of storage
  • Holes for cables to be fed through
  • Looks great! 

Starts at $549.99 or as little as $40 a month


Best sewing tables to buy for your craft room

Sewing Tables: 


Large sewing table with deep storage space

Dingo II Nine Drawer Storage Craft Table 

11 5* Reviews

“Great addition to my sewing room. I can finally get the sewing room design I have wanted.“

  • You can buy this pre built
  • Enormous drawers that are ideal for storing fabric and or tools
  • the top of the cabinet folds over on two leg supports creating a stable and spacious cutting surface

Starting at $1699


Sew station in use with recessed desk space

Sew Station

“With the Sew Station, my sewing machine is the highlight. You don’t get distracted by any mess”

  • Recessed machine position
  • Electric lifter to stow machine away
  • Two table leafs for a large workspace
  • Latch system to lock to DreamBox

Starting at $1,299.00 (monthly payment plans are available!)


The SouthShore artwork sewing table + open drawers

SouthShore Artwork Sewing Table

30 5* Reviews

“ I made a quick ironing area for quilting on the top of the sliding drawer. I recommend sticking plastic runners on the bottoms of the two end pieces before putting them together with the top to make the desk easier to move.”

  • Cottage style with grooved doors
  • Very sturdy
  • Abundant storage
  • Spacious scratchproof and water-resistant top

Starting at $389.99 (according to Wayfair but they ran out of stock- they’re super popular!) 


Large arrow ginger sewing table

Arrow Ginger Sewing Table: 

Average product rating 4.6 

  • Easily Store another machine; “Designed to work with custom made machine insert increasing comfort and efficiency with a totally flush work surface” 
  • Iron, cut and sew in one spot
  • Quilt leaf on the back of cabinet keeps large projects from pulling or laying on the floor
  •  Three door bins, one large and two small, for additional storage
  • There’s a caddy with 2 small drawers

Starts at $999.99


Gingerbread style designed sewing table

Olivia Sewing Table 

Average 4.5* Product Reviews

  • Cute gingerbread style vintage design
  • Had two big drawers and additional smaller cubbies
  • There’s a Quilt Leaf availible to purchase but that’s optional
  • Holds HEAVY machines! Up to 20.5kg/45lbs

Starts at $899



You’ve done it, you’ve read all of the gumpf. Now, what is going to work for you in your room? The step after this one is making a firm decision, so bookmark this article or pin it for future reference. If you’ve got an awesome Craft Desk that you think deserves to be on this list, please tell me in the comments below. 

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