“No Place Like Home” by Artist Melissa Cooke

“No Place Like Home” by Artist Melissa Cooke

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Recent drawings by artist Melissa Cooke (previously featured here). Fusing elements of realism with the language of contemporary art and street culture, Cooke draws on scenes from daily life walking the streets of Brooklyn, to create collaborative moments of “layered conversation,” inspired by the marks and discarded objects people leave on the city:

“Fragments of paper and posters are depicted, referencing the flatness of drawing, while simultaneously alluding to the history of realism and tromp l’oeil. The works explore the language of drawing by superimposing traditional portraiture with a wide variety of seemingly spontaneous and ephemeral-style marks. Suggestions of spray paint, stencils, and drips are illustrated in the drawings. Illusionistic representation of graffiti dissolves into my brush work and the materiality of graphite.”

See more images from “No Place Like Home” below.

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