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In December we crowned Henn Kim’s memorable book cover to Sally Rooney’s instant classic Normal People as one of the best of the last decade, so we’re happy to see her return again in promotion for the show’s first TV adaptation.

The first illustration by the artist was released today via the BBC Three social accounts, with the remaining nine released over the coming days and weeks.

Henn’s signature style reveals a transparency to the thoughts behind the faces, giving the still images a chance to come to life. Her creative analysis illustrated through her drawings provide a deeper meaning then we might first see.

Recurring themes of teenage angst, lust, isolation, popularity, friendship and love are prominent throughout the series, and the artist’s visual designs reflect the mood and tone of this beautifully.

As she says, “I had ruined my relationship because of my angst when I was young. Once, I ran away from love because it felt like it’s too big for me. If you ever have experienced something like this before, you’re ‘Normal People’.

“During this project I could revisit my experiences in the past. I’d like you to experience that too through the story of Marianne and Connell.”

BBC Three’s Normal People is available to watch now on iPlayer

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