[Open Giveaway] Win A Sizzix Sidekick Bundle! Hurry Before It Ends

[Open Giveaway] Win A Sizzix Sidekick Bundle! Hurry Before It Ends

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Right now, you have the opportunity to Win A Sizzix Sidekick Bundle. If you aren’t familiar with the Sizzix Sidekick Bundle, Sizzix are quite a popular brand within the crafting community, especially in the UK.

If you are brand new here, I’d like to say a quick hello! My name is Claire, owner of Heart Handmade UK and Art Therapist in training. 

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Consider me a woman on a mission to help chronically ill crafters everywhere heal through the power of art and crafting. I suffer from a rare genetic disorder (hEds) which transformed me from an able bodied rower into a bed bound/housebound disabled face about 11 years ago.

It was during those bedbound years are when I learned arts, crafts and mindfulness. What an amazing way to help you start the healing than with a Sizzix Bundle as a prize for you?! 

[Open Giveaway] Win A Sizzix Sidekick Bundle

WIN a Sizzix Sidekick Bundle - Mini die cutting machine

The Sizzix was my very first die cutting machine and I loved it to bits, especially as someone who has real problems with their joints and fingers.

I had the BigShot machine which required a lot of energy for me (as I am chronically ill and have the physical strength of a dormouse).  

However, the Sidekick machine is great! It’s mini and perfect for cutting stickers and ephemera. 

It has never been easier for disabled folks to have the ability to create professional-looking DIY projects: 

Enter The ‘Win A Sizzix Bundle’ Giveaway Here: 

I wanted to offer as many options to score points as I possibly could so you could Win a Sizzix Sidekick bundle, no matter where you are. If Amazon delivers to you, then I will have a way to ship one to your country.

That means you can do many things to score points, including watching youtube videos, commenting on a blog post or sharing with your friends with a custom referral link.

Enter your name and email or login using Facebook to Win A Sizzix – please note that this Giveaway ends 4th February 2021 – Midnight – 1 Winner will be selected using the Rafflecopter AI.



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win A Sizzix Bundle; About The Sizzix Sidekick: 

“Designed especially for paper craft this machine is perfect for use with cardstock and paper to create anything from cards and invitations to home decor. 

WIN a Sizzix Sidekick Bundle

The Starter Kit includes 

What is die cutting? 

Die cutting is a quick and easy way of producing individual or mass shapes from paper foil cardstock or even chipboard using a machine and die instead of cutting by hand.

What cuts my material? 

A die cutting machine will always be necessary in order to die cut though it’s not the machine itself that physically cuts your material the die cutter you use (for example a Sizzix Bigz Thinlits or Framelits die) is responsible for revealing your design the machine just applies the pressure.

So if you’re ever unsure if you can die cut a certain material check the compatibility of your die rather than your machine.”

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Giveaway FAQ’s: 


Via The Rafflecopter widget above this FAQ section, under an image of yellow arrows. Enter your name and email and a small task will appear. Once you have performed that task, other options to score points will appear. Choose your favourite and remember there are options to score points daily. 


You can use your email to login or Facebook and select from the options; you can select how you would like to score points. You have the option of scoring as MANY points as possible, including a custom ‘refer a friend’ link (for 10 entries).


You don’t have to share daily, but if you do share about the giveaway every single day, that’s more points that you score. That means, when the Rafflecopter AI randomly selects a winner, you have more chances of winning because you scored more points. 


I hit a button called “select winner”, and a winner is randomly selected by the Rafflecopter AI. 


Within 48 Hours of the giveaway ending 4th February 2021 at Midnight


Don’t forget to share this with your friends on Twitter every single day via this page (bookmark it add a shortcut to your home screen) and if you’re a big Pinterest user, share there too via the widget above.

Sizzix Sidekick Bundle Giveaway

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