Original Scrapbox Discount Code To Save $100

Original Scrapbox Discount Code To Save $100

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Need an Original Scrapbox discount code? Furniture from The Original Scrapbox Company can transform your life. Sounds like a tall order huh? I had their Original workboxes on my wishlist in about 2012/2013 if memory serves me correctly. But I never could have imagined how my life changed. And since I was sent a DreamBox, my life has totally changed! If you’ve been on this blog before, you will know all about my disabilities and chronic illnesses that left me bed bound for years. Read more about me here. 


original scrapbox discount side tables


The DreamBox has been a total game-changer for several reasons. But I want to cover those below. I want you to be able to experience the pure crafting joy that I experience, so I’ve written a post about all of the different purchasing options for the Dreambox to suit how you craft.

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In this post, I’m covering 4 packages you can get to suit your crafting needs and come in under a specific budget.


Original Scrapbox Discount Codes - HHMUK100 for the USA and HHMUK for the UK.

Use the code HHMUK100 for $100 off a DreamBox in the US or HHMUK for the UK


I have posted a few times about my DreamBox. You can watch the Dreambox Review here. I love it so much! Before I got my Dreambox, my craft room had basically been ignored since we moved in and decorated. The storage furniture I had for the Craft Room in my old house simply didn’t serve its purpose. 

Once there was no desk attached to the kallax (room isn’t wide enough) it turned into a black hole for all of my supplies. I hadn’t realised, but I hadn’t made anything for MONTHS and I was miserable. 

It wasn’t until my Dreambox was full of supplies and organized in a way that made the most sense for me that I started crafting more AND tidying up after myself. That NEVER happened before but it’s so much easier when the empty drawer is right in front of your face (or right beside it depending on where you sit).

All 4 of these options require using the $100 off code: HHMUK100 if you’re in the US and HHMUK if you’re in the UK


Original Scrapbox Discount - build a dreambox for $2100

Build A Dreambox Package For $2100

The minimum price you can possibly get is this DreamBox package – it includes the unit only. You also have to set it up yourself for $2099. It will say $2199 but you can save $100 using my coupon code. 

It’s possible to add all of your accessories at a later date. If you’re buying additional units later, keep in mind the finishes. I choose the white shaker range but the white ergo is cheapest. 

If you can afford it, I highly recommend the pre-built service because otherwise, it takes up to two days to build. It says so in the instructions and it did take my husband that amount of time. With the Pre-Built service, the unit arrives in 3 pieces. Then they need to go into your room, thankfully, it comes on wheels. 


Original Scrapbox Discount - build a dreambox under $3000

Original Scrapbox Discount for a budget of $3000

If you’ve got enough wiggle rooms in your budget to about $3000, you can get an unbelievable set-up! This DreamBox includes a White Shaker finish (the one I have!), 80 totes (I use the majority of mine!), built-in drawers, and the pre-built service to save you two days of building.

Original Scrapbox Discount Code To Save $100
The pre-built service comes like this ^^^


You can always swap the pre-built service for side tables or even a power package. I highly recommend the power package as I always craft while watching shows on my iPad. It’s the new tv! 


Original Scrapbox Discount - Build a dreambox on a budget of $3500


Original Scrapbox Discount Can Get You A Huge Dreambox Package For $3600 

I’ve added the Farmhouse grey with a crown light and a few accessories OR, white shaker with side tables, magnetic boards & even more accessories. If you use dies regularly, magnetic boards are ideal.


Original Scrapbox Discount - dreambox package with side tables and accessories
Dreambox Package Including drawers, extra totes, side tables and power pack.


The crown light is an absolute must if you live somewhere like the U.K. During the recent storms there were days when lamps had to go on at lunchtime. If I didn’t have that bright, focused light, I wouldn’t have been able to make anything on those days. I don’t know about you but those are the days when I need crafting and beauty in spades.


Original Scrapbox Discount Code - The Crown Light In Use
The Crown Light In Use


Original Scrapbox Discount - Build a Dreambox package for $4100 and save $508

Dreambox & DreamCart – Over 10% Savings $4100

I built this for the ultimate crafty box that you can have the maximum amount of storage and space. This box is fully loaded with the accessories listed above! It includes the crown light, 80 totes, DreamCart, Power strip, 3-built in drawers, the rods for ribbons and tape notions divider for totes and the Pre-built service. 



When I said the DreamBox was totally life-changing, I meant it. I’m crafting more than I have in years, I’m spending a lot more time in my craft room and since I’m not working on the floor or couch, I’m no longer dislocating my hips or wrecking my back. Being a crafter almost goes hand in hand with the chronic illness community and a lot of limitations are placed on that. Having something that makes crafting easier is like a weight lifting off a heavy heart. 

Don’t forget that to save as much money as possible, use the original Scrapbox discount codes – HHMUK100 for the US and HHMUK if you’re in the UK.

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Original Scrapbox Discount - build a Dreambox Package to suit your crafting needs & budget

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