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I’m definitely a “hair person” in that how my hair is doing at any given moment is pretty connected to how put together I feel for the day. That being said, I know that here at the blog, we’re not the only ones spending a lot more time figuring out a good hair care routine at home rather than doing frequent trips to the salon, so we thought we’d put together a list of our favorite hair care products that you can use in the comfort of your own bathroom! All the good hair results and you can save the tip for your next drive-thru coffee pickup …

Elsie introduced me to this Dae shampoo and conditioner this summer and I was instantly in love the first time I tried them. It not only felt like they rinsed out of my hair cleanly (which is sometimes a problem with clean ingredient hair care products), but it made my hair super silky and soft. I was actually using a detangler spray for my daughter when I washed her hair since she always has a knot in the back from where she sleeps, but I tried these two on her and now I don’t even have to use the spray after baths anymore … yes!

The level of silky softness gets even better if you pair your wash routine with the Dae hair oil which locks in a lot of moisture and protects against damage and fights frizz. Several of us here at the blog (including me!) have also been using this leave in conditioner for a while and it’s an easy way to help tame frizz and detangle as well.

If your locks could use a little extra love between salon visits, I love this hair perfector to help hydrate and smooth color-treated hair and this deep treatment mask is a great home treatment for those on a budget.

For days between washes, this texture powder is great to revitalize hair and give it a volume boost at the roots as well (which you can use on clean hair as well as dirty). My hair girl swears by this brush for smoothing out hair and adding shine while you blow dry (here’s a more budget-friendly option I like as well) and these clips are great for sectioning off your hair while you’re blow drying. My favorite hot tool is this large curler (although this is Emma’s favorite secret weapon for a great blow out) and if you haven’t started wearing silk scrunchies to bed to keep your hair gently away from your face, you should start now!

So there you have it, a few of our top favorites that we’ve been loving as we try and keep our hair game on point at home. Self-care can be so important when things seem crazy, so if you’ve been wanting a way to pamper yourself a bit, just keeping up with your hair-care needs can be a great way to feel like your best self. xo Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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