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Paint Splat Angel Craft - Crafts on Sea sharing by miifplus art and craft and design

paint splat angel craft for kids to makeI am so in love with this paint splat angel craft right now – it’s such a simple Christmas craft for kids to make and it looks so pretty too! With a few changes it’s a craft that can be suitable for different ages too depending on your child’s abilities.

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In this post I’ll be sharing how to make this sweet paint splat angel craft as well as giving some ideas on how to change it depending on your kids abilities. You’ll also find printable instructions at the end of the post for those of you who want or need to step away from technology when you’re crafting (I hear you, apart from wanting screen free time my phone and camera are covered in paint) and some of our favourite Christmas crafts for kids that you might enjoy too. Want to make sure you don’t forget about this post? Don’t forget to bookmark this or pin an image for later.

paint splat angel easy christmas craft for kids

Paint Splat Angel Materials


Start by folding a piece of coloured card in half so you can see where the centre of it is. I really recommend card rather than paper for this craft as paper can get too soggy with the large amount of paint. Grab your white paint and make a triangle shape on one side. Pop some paint in the middle of your triangle so there will be enough to spread round, although you can always add more later if you like!

angel paint splat craft how to

Next fold the coloured card in half again so that the paint will splat onto both sides. With the piece of card folded closed run your hand over it to make sure that the paint moves all around to make the body of your angel, also it feels good! I love this part of the craft because there’s no ‘right’way for it to look. Paint splat butterflies are a classic kids craft that most of us have made at some point and this angel craft draws on the technique behind it but changes it to make it a bit more festive!

Once your paint is slatted, open up the card and check out how it looks, if you need a little more paint then now’s the time to add it, otherwise let it dry while you make the rest of your angel.

Grab a white cupcake liner and cut it in half, I find it easier if I fold it in half first. From each half make a small cut from the centre to the edge so you are trimming off a piece of the cupcake liner, making it slightly less than the half, this isn’t essential but I think it looks nicer! Now glue your cupcake liner wings onto the angels’ body.

angel paint splat craft instructions

The final part of your paint splat angel craft is of course it’s face. From some skin coloured card cut a circle (younger kids will need a hand with this or you may wish to do it for them) and then draw on hair, eyes a nose and a mouth. Glue this onto your angel and your craft is complete!

Ways to adapt this craft

  • Add a halo above your angel’s head.
  • Cut arms for your angel out of white card (to match their body), perhaps you could add hands and something for them to hold too?
  • Change the angel’s dress to metallic silver or gold paint.
  • Older kids could make their angel craft higher up on the page and draw a nativity scene below.

Paint Splat Angel Craft

Create a simple angel craft that’s perfect for Christmas

Prep Time5 mins

Active Time10 mins

Total Time15 mins


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Felt tip pens


  • Coloured card for the background
  • Coloured card for the angel’s faces
  • 1 Cupcake Liner
  • White paint


  • Fold the coloured paper slightly in half so you can see the middle.
  • Using the paint make triangle shape on one side of the card and add some paint in the middle of this.
  • Fold the card in half and then unfold to see your paint splat.
  • Cut your angel’s wings out of a cupcake liner and glue these on. It may help to cut an extra small piece from the cupcake liner to make them more wing shaped.
  • Cut a circle of coloured card out to make your angel’s face.
  • Draw on your angel’s features and glue this onto the angel’s body.
    angel paint splat craft instructions


I recommend using card rather than paper for this craft due to the large amount of paint used.

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scrunched-tissue-paper-christmas-trees 300

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