Paint Splat Campfire Craft for Kids

Paint Splat Campfire Craft for Kids

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paint splat campfire craftCamping crafts are always popular with kids and I think a bit with grown ups too! As a family we love camping and if we can’t get out and about in our tent this year? Well we’re going to camp in our garden then. Either way it’s a great excuse to do some easy camping crafts and I think this campfire craft for kids has to be one of the simplest that we’ve shared so far, making it suitable for younger kids too.

Like this craft? It’s really easy but I also know how many things I forget to do with my kids so if you like it make sure you bookmark this page or pin an image, plus keep reading for more of our favourite campfire craft ideas.

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Paint Splat Crafts

Ok so paint splats might not be the most technically difficult to do but that’s also a very good thing about them! I love sharing crafts which kids can actually do, my own children have so many times shown me crafts on Pinterest or Google that they want to try but that I know will end up with them being frustrated, even very young kids can help make a paint splat while with older kids you could also talk about symmetry with them (we’ve all done paint splat butterflies at some point!) Personally I really like making paint splat crafts, they’re a classic craft because kids normally enjoy them and it feels really good to me when you’re spreading that paint out. It’s also a nice way to do a hands on painting craft with your child if they’re not super keen on getting messy or likewise if you don’t want then to get too messy either. (Hopefully anyway!)

paint splat campfire craft

Campfire Craft for Kids

Grab a paper plate and make this easy campfire craft.


Keyword: bonfire, camping

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Author: Kate Williams


  • 1 Paper Plate
  • Brown Card or Paper


  • Start by folding your paper plate in half.

  • Squeeze some red and yellow paint onto one side of your paper plate.

  • Fold your paper plate in half again and push down so that the paint will spread across it, creating the flames for your fire. Open your plate back up so that you can see the paint.

  • Cut out some strips from your brown card or paper.

  • Glue the strips of card onto the bottom of your painting to make the logs for your campfire.


If you don’t want to get too messy then when you are spreading the paint around it might help to stop when you reach the inner rim of your paper plate so the paint is less likely to go outside of the plate.
If you don’t have any brown card or cardstock at home then a good and cheap alternative is using the packaging from a cereal box.

More Campfire Crafts for Kids

This foil painted campfire craft is really easy for kids to paint.

These DIY camping story stones are great for encouraging creative writing or just as a fun excuse for some crafting.

This easy campfire craft uses large painting materials that are perfect for little hands.

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