Paint Splat Fall Tree Craft

Paint Splat Fall Tree Craft

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paint splat fall tree craftWe love all kinds of fall crafts and activities for kids as an easy way of learning about and celebrating the change in seasons and this paint splat fall tree painting is one of the easiest ways we’ve shared so far! In fact if you use our free tree template too then this one is going to be super easy for you to set up and get started with as you and your child explore the gorgeous colours of fall.

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What is Paint Splat Painting?

Paint splat painting is a classic technique – I’m pretty certain that I did it at school too! It involves folding a piece of paper in half and squishing the paint around and it’s really good fun for kids.

Actually even as an adult I really enjoy this one too as it’s quite a sensory activity but it’s not really messy either. Great if you have a kid that doesn’t like getting their hands covered in paint.

I also love the little element of surprise with paint splat art, you never know exactly how your finished painting will look until you open the paper up at the end.

fall tree craft for kids preschool toddler easy painting art idea

What colour paints should you use for a fall tree painting?

I’ve gone for red and yellow paints but you could obviously use orange, brown and green too. Why not ask your child to look at one of the trees outside and see what they suggest?

Having said that, I made this craft with my six year old daughter and as well as fall colours she also wanted to use blue which is apparently the tree’s ‘earrings’ so…. maybe put the coloured paints out in advance if you want something a bit more traditionally autumnal. These are the two tree crafts that she made.

kid made fall tree craft

Free Tree Template

We made this craft using our free tree template, you can print as many copies as you like and it makes this activity a lot easier to prepare than drawing out the tree trunk yourself.

paint splat fall tree craft

Paint Splat Fall Tree Painting

This easy fall craft is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and younger kids to make.


Prep Time: 5 minutes

Activity Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Author: Kate Williams


  • Free tree trunk printable
  • Coloured paint red, orange, yellow etc


  • Take your tree printable and fold it in half length ways.

  • Open the paper and pour small amounts of your coloured paints onto to branches of the tree trunk.

  • Fold the paper back in half again.

  • With your hands on the outside of the paper, squeeze the paints around to mix them and cover the branches.

  • Open the paper back up to see your finished tree craft and leave to dry.


If possible try not to pour too much paint out onto your tree as this means it’s more likely to escape from your folded paper and make a mess. The video for this craft was my first attempt and as you’ll see a load of paint spilled out! By my second attempt both mine and my daughters paintings were a lot more controlled so if you know that you have a certain paint pot that’s normally a bit of a pain to get paint out of then on this occasion that might want to be the one you go for.

Tried this?Mention @craftsonsea – we’d love to see and maybe share it!

More Fall Tree Crafts

Our tree template is perfect for easy crafts, why not check out some more of our easy autumn tree painting ideas for kids, with more ideas on how to use it.

autumn tree painting ideas 300

This paper plate fall tree craft is really easy to make.

paper plate fall tree craft

This autumn tree craft is one I did with my son with leaves he collected after preschoool.


autumn leaf and tree craft

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