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You know how sometimes you don’t mind getting the paints out but you don’t want to get too messy? I think this sheep craft could be the answer!

It would make a great sheep craft for preschool, toddlers and EYFS as you could make it with the kids without *hopefully* them getting too messy but it can be easily adapted for older kids too.

sheep craft preschool paint splat activity

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Sheep Crafts

We’ve got a lot of sheep or lamb crafts for kids here because they’re so good for so many different topics – spring crafts, farm animals and Easter crafts too – I’ll be sharing my favourite fun ideas with you as well as this paint splat activity.

Lamb and sheep crafts are great to make with kids of all ages but particularly with young kids because sheep are so recognisable and the materials used to make them are normally quite simple and cheep to get hold of, meaning they’re good to make in a classroom too if you need to create 30 of something!

This one has to be my new favourite though, it’s hands on, cute and super simple so make sure that you save it for later!

You can make these paint splat sheep either on vertical or horizontal card and I think both options look awesome so just go with the one you fancy or maybe even try both.

sheep craft for kids easy idea for preschool and sunday school

Sheep Books for Kids

Need some inspiration for stories to share with your child? We’ve got you covered with these brilliant looking books that all feature sheep.

Paint Splat Sheep Craft

First let’s get started with the paint splatting. Grab your colored paper or cardstock and fold it in half. You can have the card either horizontally or portrait depending on how you’d like to make your sheep.

Next pour some white paint on one side of the card near to the centre of the fold. You want to make sure that it joins up in the middle or you’ll end up with two sheep. Try not to go too close to the edge or the paint will spill out of the card when you squeeze it.

You can of course change up the colors of your sheep if you want to. Fancy a pink sheep? Go for it. Or if you’re looking at nursery rhymes and baa baa black sheep then it’s time to get the black paint out.

Now it’s time for the squeezing. Fold the piece of paper in half again along your original line and squeeze the paint around being careful not to go too close to the edge.

Open the paper or cardstock back out and leave it to dry.

how to make a paint splat craft

Meanwhile you can cut the sheep’s face and legs out of black construction paper or card. Older children will be able to do this themselves but for young children you will need to do the cutting for them.

If you are practicing scissor skills with your child then the sheep’s legs are a nice easy way you can do this as they’re just a case of cutting a straight line and making four paper strips. Go with the option that suits your child’s age and abilities.

Cut some circles out of white paper and using a marker draw a black dot in the middle for your sheep’s eyes and glue these onto your sheep’s face. If you prefer you could use googly eyes.

Finally glue the black legs and face onto the paint splat sheep’s body and your craft is done!

More Sheep Crafts for Preschoolers

Want some more themed art and craft ideas? Celebrate the beginning of spring with these adorable sheep crafts perfect for younger kids.

How about this super easy sheep craft which is painted using pom poms? It’s a good one for fine motor skills too.

pom pom sheep 300

This cotton wool sheep craft could easily be adapted as a paper plate craft as well.

sheep craft cotton wool

You can also grab our free sheep template which has two different designs to choose from. It’s perfect for coloring or decorating with whatever materials you can find at home. Why not grab the cotton balls, make a mosaic or even try a bubble wrap sheep craft?

sheep printable template

sheep craft preschool paint splat activity

Sheep Craft for Kids

Grab the paint and make this cute sheep craft that’s perfect for preschoolers and toddlers.


Keyword: easy, Preschooler, sheep craft, toddler

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Activity Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Author: Kate Williams


  • 1 piece coloured card
  • Paint white
  • Scrap paper white
  • Black card


  • Take your colored cardstock and fold it in half.

  • Next pour your white paint on one side of the card near to the centre of the fold.

  • Fold your in half again and squeeze the paint around being careful not to go too close to the edge.

  • Open the paper back out and leave it to dry.

  • Cut the sheep’s face and legs out of black cardstock.

  • From your white scrap paper cut out two circles to use as your sheep’s eyes and draw a black dot in the middle of each for the pupil.

  • Finally glue your eyes onto the sheep’s face and the face and legs onto your paint splat and your sheep is finished.


Although you can use coloured paper for this craft you may find that coloured card works better for the background as the large amount of paint can make paper go a bit flimsy – you don’t want your craft to tear.

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