Paper Craft Project Inspired by The Little Prince

Paper Craft Project Inspired by The Little Prince

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Le Petit Prince is a graphic design project created and shared by Rafa Miqueleto. It was a commissioned work done inspired by The Little Prince movie. One of the coolest things about this project is the tools and materials used. It’s a paper craft full of style. The details and the dimensionality added by layers of papers and folds is just beautiful. In addition to that, and the most amazing in my opinion, is the irregularities of the cuts. I have tried to do this type of work in Illustration and Photoshop, however it always end up looking to uniform or computer generated. Nothing can beat the real deal, it’s almost a homage to graphic design projects from a different era, an era without computers.

Rafa Miqueleto is a graphic designer and illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has a super strong portfolio with more amazing projects like this one. I highly recommend you to check it out at

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