Paper Quilling Art For Beginners In 9 Easy Shapes

Paper Quilling Art For Beginners In 9 Easy Shapes

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Are you looking for a new easy art form, craft hobby? During this quarantine time I introduce to you paper quilling art. Also known as paper filigree; the art of shaping paper into complex designs. It’s done by rolling strips using a quilling needle tool then creating various shapes.

Paper quilled pieces glued together to create beautiful 3D art.  Start paper quilling art and craft with these beginner steps.

5 Simple Steps To Start Paper Quilling Like A Pro! 

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Paper quilling - quality paper

Step #1; Paper QuillingStrips 

Paper quilling begins with rolling paper strips. So, the number 1 item on the supplies list is paper. If you want to start now you can purchase in online store varieties of size and colors quilling strips. At the same time, you certainly can make DIY paper quilling strips by these two (2) methods. 

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First, is using a paper shredder. The pros are you have the freedom to choose the paper you love at the same time if you are running out of strips around it is easy to just one shred away you can have paper strips to design your paper quilling.

While the con is that you can just create one (1) type size of 3mm wide quilling paper. 

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Second, is cut your strips using a ruler, craft knife, and a cutting mat or a precision paper trimmer.

The pros are you can choose from your favourite paper supplies and cut it in your desired paper strips cut. 

Con; is it will take time cutting paper strips in different sizes. 

You can also ready-made paper quilling strips that you can buy on eBay, or Etsy with different sizes and colours.

Common Paper Strip Sizes:

Common Paper Strip Sizes:

3mm approx. 1/8 inch
5mm approx. 0.2 inches
7mm approx. 1/4 inch
10mm approx. 0.4 inches

In my experience, the paper shredder is the best. If you have sparks of imagination in your mind, run out of readymade paper quilling strips, and don’t want to cut anything, using a paper shredder is a great idea.

Just put your favorite paper, then shred it you are ready for paper quilling project. Paper strips cutting are alternative if you have a tight budget and want to make paper filigree art.

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Paper Quilling for beginners - Paper Filigree Tools

Step #2; Familiarise Yourself With Basic Quilling Tools 

Paper filigree art of transforming coils into a beautiful design. You can try strips of paper glue and a skewer or toothpick. But once you start, it is fun and you will be hooked. Then you think to see how far you can push your creativity.

This is what crafting’s all about. The tools below can help, once you are already familiar with what they can do for your projects. You’ll want them all!

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Paper Quilling for beginners - Paper Quilling Slotted Needle

Slotted Needle Tool for Paper Quilling

This tool makes quilling of paper to put the strip into the slot. All you need to do is roll the tool and create a coil without the paper sliding around.

The slot does leave a slight crimp in the centre of each spiral, which may not be to your liking.

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B07Q49DCPJ&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=fb0aa4 20ir?t=fb0aa4 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07Q49DCPJ

Stack forms (This Kit Contains All The Tools)

This tool et you create paper rings in a variety of sizes, so you don’t have to buy to stack your coils. These are great for creating outside shapes that you fill in later. It is great to check varieties of shapes that you can create. 

Paper Quilling - Plastic Molds

Quilling Molds

Place gently the tight coil over the appropriately sized mold and glide the paper downward and make a dome. Once you take it off the mold you can sustain shaping it or apply glue on the inside and outside to hold it together.

Paper Quilling Tools -Crimper

Paper Quililng Crimpers <- Buy The Crimper

I love this Quilling crimper it creates zigzag shapes you can gently roll into loose coils. This is fun to use if you’re paper quilling with kids. 

Paper QUilling - Comb

Quilling Comb

This tool creates tangled laced loops that you can weave into a variety of patterns.

Paper quilling - tweezers

Long Nose Tweezers

You’ll need angled ones for gluing small pieces into your coils. Otherwise, you’ll get mad! 

Paper Quilling - Circle Sizers

Circle Sizers

This tool its recessed spaces can help you make the consistently sized shapes you need. Some come with a ruler, others have extra openings. This is the secret for the perfect loose coil.

Paper Quilling - aleene's tacky glue

Quilling Glue

Your choice of glue depends on you, but you want one that’s easy to use with a needle-nosed bottle that dries relatively quickly.

These tools are basic you will need more if you want to try other techniques in a paper quilling art but always remember that your creativity will be the key to beautiful projects. 

Paper Quilling - the shapes

Step #3; Learn Paper Quilling Shapes

The most basic shape in paper quilling is a tight paper coil. To make an easy shape you just need to use the slotted tool and loose in circle sizer then simply pinch the paper and adjust the tension of the coil to create shapes. The following shapes sure you need to know for your paper quilling art.

Paper Quilling - the shapes

Tight and Loose Coils

  •      Insert the Paper Strip 

A simple circle is a basis for the most shape you’ll create.

Insert the paper into a slot of your quilling tool. Line up the paper with the edge of the slot as perfectly as you can.

Start Rolling

Roll the tool with your dominant hand either towards you or away from it, while holding the strip.

Glue it 

  For the tight coil, when you’re almost finished, place a dab of glue near the end of strip and roll completely. You don’t want to expand the paper after removing it from the tool.

For to loosen coil, finish the coil, remove it from the needle tool and allow it to expand. Add a dab of glue and press it carefully to seal the paper strip.

Paper Quilling tear drop

Teardrop Shape Paper Quilling

Make loosen coil, then place it between the thumb of the forefinger of your non-dominant hand.

 Arrange the inside coil evenly then pinch the paper where you want the point to be to create a teardrop shape.

Paper quilling art for beginners tear drop shapes

Teardrop Variations 

Basic shapes can create even more shapes by manipulating them. The teardrop is an excellent example of this.

Eye or  Marquis

Make a teardrop shape, then pinch the opposite side as well.

Paper Quilling tulip shape


Make an Eye or marquis shape, then turn the shape on its side and pinch a center peak with your fingers.

Paper Quilling diamond shape

Square or Diamond

 Create an eye or marquis shape, and pinch both sides again. This will create a diamond shape.

If you want to continue to make a square, gently open up the shape between your fingers.

Paper Quilling rectangle shape

Rectangle Shape Paper Quilling 

The rectangle is the same making square the difference is rotating the marquis shape before pinching additional angles.

Paper Quilling semi circle shape

Semi-Circle Shape Paper Quilling

You can do this by pressing an open coil onto a hard surface like a table and sliding your fingers down the sides carefully. 

Triangle Shape Paper Quilling 

Make a teardrop shape, then pinch two additional angles using either your fingers or the tabletop. 

Paper Quilling square shape

Star Paper Quilling

Make a tulip shape press in on each flat surface with your fingers or a quilling tool and then refine each angle into peaks.

Paper Quilling triangle shape

Heart Shape Paper Quilling 

Create a teardrop shape, press the base using a quilling needle to make small detention. 

Release the tool carefully press on each side then you will create a heart shape. 

Paper Quilling Butterfly

These quilling shapes will bring the best out of your imagination. Combine it create a  picture of your idea in your paper canvas using these strips. Don’t be afraid to stick on the basic shapes you can do what you want, believe in yourself. 

Paper Quilling for beginners

Try Simple  Quilling Projects

When you plan for your project first conceptualize your idea. Sometimes I sketch first my plan then it will be my guide where should start. It helps also to decide what supplies and tools I will use.  

This quilled project is a simple flower for Home Deco I just saw a picture frame that is not used then I create an adorable design. Perfect at my study table. 

Paper Quilling Beginner art

Practice Makes Perfect

Create as many as you can, don’t be harsh to yourself if you cannot do what you expect. Just continue and you will have a better output of your project. The practice is the key and continues to learn and love this art.

Now that you’ve already known the different paper strips to use, quilling tools, and a bunch of shapes imagine how you’d use them together to create designs. Welcome to the world of quilling!

Paper Quilling template

Paper Quilling Template design 

There is a free template for you if you are overwhelmed by your ideas and want to start to visit 

The Paper Quilling Beginners Lesson Summary

If you love this Paper quilling beginner’s lesson please let me know your ideas leave a message in the comment section. I’d be happy to create lessons about paper quilling techniques, designs,  portraits, and jewellery! 

Paper Quilling House art

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