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Need a simple activity to do with your child? Our photo scavenger hunt ideas are perfect for popping some fun into your day and our clues are designed so that you can do them indoors our outdoors.

We love sharing scavenger hunt ideas and these activities can be done as groups or just with your kid at home. The scavenger hunt questions are also really open ended so you should be able to find something for each of the tasks and of course the selfie photos are always really good fun to do as well!

photo scavenger hunt ideas

What You’ll Find on This Page

Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Photo scavenger hunts are great for kids (and adults!) because they give us a great excuse to be silly and have fun. I know that when I’ve done scavenger hunts online with my kids before the most popular tasks are always those that require a bit of photographic evidence especially those with silly faces or doing something a bit daft. They’ve always been really popular for sharing in our family whatsapp group afterwards or for the kids to show to their friends.

If you want to add some more ideas to our list why not add some more selfies, colours to look for or shapes as these are ones that are pretty common in all households and outdoors. You could also try cloud shapes or items with different textures such as looking for something smooth.

What are some good scavenger hunt clues?

To me the best clues are those that can be open-ended. Not everyone is going to find a ladybird in their garden or have a banana in their fruit bowl today but most of us could find some kind of animal in their home, garden or on a walk (even if it’s a cuddly animal!) or find something yellow or something to eat.

I’ve tried to make these clues so that you can do them wherever you like but obviously feel free to change any to suit you. You can of course make up your own photo scavenger hunt clues but our printable can make it much easier for you to get started on this activity without the stress of having to think of anything yourself.

What do you need for a Photo Scavenger Hunt?

All you’ll need to take part is a camera or camera-phone and our list of photo scavenger hunt ideas and you’re ready to go!

If you want a reminder of your fun you could print the photos out afterwards or even use an instant camera to print them straight away.

You might also like to take a pen or pencil to tick off the clues once you’ve done each item.

Can I do This Scavenge Hunt With a Group?

Absolutely! You could do this with groups too with each group having a copy of the printable and you could race to see who gets all the items first or award points for the most creative photos.

Get Your Photo Scavenger Hunt Printable

You can get your printable photo scavenger hunt ideas here.

You may print as many copies as you like but you may not sell this list or edit the PDF.

More Printable Scavenger Hunts

We’ve got loads of scavenger hunts with ideas that you can use indoors, outdoors and online with friends and family – they’re a great way of keeping in touch if you can’t meet up to play!

This scavenger hunt for zoom is really popular and is one that my kids did online with their cousins. There’s photo challenge included in it too.

scavenger hunt zoom

Our outdoor scavenger hunt is a great way to get kids out in the garden or backyard while they hunt for signs of nature.

Or why not check out our indoor scavenger hunt, perfect for days when the weather is less than awesome too.

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