Pom Pom Apple Tree Craft



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Looking for an easy apple tree activity to do with your child? While my son was out I found these cute pom poms left over from Christmas and I knew instantly what we should do with them, use them to make this cute pom pom apple tree craft!

We love sharing crafts for toddlers and at just under two years old this was a great way for my daughter to develop her fine motor skills, and of course it looks pretty cute too!

Pom Pom Apple Tree Craft

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What You’ll Find on This Page

To make this apple tree craft you will need

Pom poms


Coloured paper, felt etc

Tree Template

I originally shared this apple tree craft a few years ago and as you can see I’ve cut the tree shape out myself. However since then I’ve shared a free tree template which I think would be a great way to make this craft even easier and quicker to prepare!

To create this craft using our template simply print it out from the link above and then around the tree trunk draw in the outline of your trees branches in green. A bouncy cloud shape made with a green marker would be fine for this. You could leave the tree blank or colour it in with a green pen or colouring pencil if you liked.

Your tree would then be ready for your child to add their pom pom apples to without having to cut out the felt. Obviously though go with whatever method works best for you!

How we made our pom pom apple tree

As normal before we started I got everything set up and ready to go. The pom poms were placed in cupcake cases to stop the rolling away and I put some glue in a bowl so that it could be easily accessed by little hands.

fall apple tree craft for toddlers

As I didn’t have any brown paper for the tree trunk I used felt instead, this also meant that there were more different textures in our apple tree craft which is no bad thing.

I invited my daughter to come and decorate the tree with apples, understandably at her young age her verbal communication skills aren’t all there yet (she says ice cream a lot though which shows she has her priorities straight!) so I showed her how to glue and put the first pom pom apple onto the tree.

pom pom apple tree activity for toddlers

Being a toddler she obviously had slightly different ideas! She wasn’t that keen on dipping the pom poms into the glue but would instead hold them up for me to put a little bit of glue onto them before she put them onto the picture. As you can see it looks like we’ll be getting a lot of windfall this year!
Pom Pom Apple Tree Craft for Toddlers

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