Pop Up Batman Fathers Day Card

Pop Up Batman Fathers Day Card

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DC comics fathers day card kids can make

Advert. I think my kids are pretty much in love with everything they’ve ever come across from DC Comics. Batman, DC Superhero Girls, Teen Titans. Actually we’re all big fans (my knowledge of Teen Titans is pretty epic) so this Batman Fathers Day card was a great choice for us. In fact when we finished our cards this morning I had to hide them away from my husband, these really are the ones he’ll be receiving from the kids this year. If your kids have a Batman in their life too then it’s a great choice and the free printable with this post will help to make it even easier.

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Pop Up Card Tutorial

Pop up cards can seem a bit overwhelming at first, my kids first asked me to make one a month ago and it took me ages to work out how to do it. As a craft blogger that kind of feels a bit embarrassing but sometimes I just can’t get my head around an idea and if I can’t work it out I can’t really expect my kids to. Thankfully we worked it out and ended up making loads of pop up cards to put in the post for our family, once you’ve done one you quickly realise how simple it is and you’ll want to make loads. I’ve given a step by step tutorial below and there’s also one on the printable from DC Comics so making this Fathers Day card should be super easy!

making batman fathers day cards kids

Making Your Fathers Day Card

My kids are 6 and 9 and were both able to make these cards with only a minimal amount of help. Older kids should be able to do the whole thing themselves while you’ll need to help younger kids. Most children though should be able to fold the card in half, cut the snips to make it pop up and glue the back of the inside piece of card. My kids were really happy with the cards they made!

fathers day cards kids can make batman

Free Batman and Robin Printable

Click here to get your free Batman and Robin Template.

fathers day cards for kids pop up batman dc comics

DC comics fathers day card kids can make

DC Comics Pop Up Batman Fathers Day Card

Make a simple Batman and Robin pop up card.


Author: Kate Williams


  • 2 Sheets coloured card or construction paper
  • 1 Fathers Day card printable
  • Double sided sellotape optional


  • From your two pieces of coloured card or construction paper take one piece and fold this in half.
  • With the second piece take your scissors and cut a small amount off one long side and one short side. This is so when you stick the two pieces of card together the inside part doesn’t stick out. Fold the smaller piece of card in half as well and then check that they fit ok but placing the smaller piece of card inside the larger one and closing them. If you can’t see the inside card then you cut off enough!
  • Take your inside piece of card and cut four slits into it from the folded side towards the outside. These will be the parts that you stick your Batman and Robin printables on so it’s best to do these in two groups of two cuts. Opening your card back out push the two cut sections outwards and pinch the edges so that they will stay put when you open and close the card.
  • Write your message in your card. We went with the one from DC Comics “To Dad, Thanks for being the (Batman) to my (Robin). Happy Fathers Day”
  • Put glue on the back of the inside par of your card – except on the pop up bits you just cut out – and then carefully stick it into the second piece of card, ensuring that the folds on both cards line up and the the pop up part of the card is popping outwards.
  • From your printable cut out the Batman and Robin images. Place a small amount of double sided sellotape on the back of these and then stick them into place on your card. Your DC Comics Fathers Day card is finished and ready to hand to a very lucky person!


We’ve used different colours for the inside and outsides of our cards but you could use the same colours if you prefer. Just make sure that the inside is a light enough colour for you to be able to write on.
We found it easier to write the message int our cards before we stuck them down.
We’ve used double sided tape to secure our Batman and Robin symbols in place as we wanted to make sure that we didn’t get glue on the inside of our cards at all but if you don’t have any then of course you can use glue instead.

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fathers day card fish preschool toddlers 300

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number one dad fathers day card 300

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