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resist art snowman craft for kidsWe love sharing easy snowman crafts for kids and using our snowman template means that this resist art snowman is easy for you to make at home with your child. It’s perfect as a simple winter or Christmas craft and uses a simple painting technique that can be easily adapted depending on what materials you have at home.

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As well as the full instructions below I’ve also shared a little video to this page of how this craft was made to help give you a more visual idea of how it works.

What You’ll Find on This Page

What Is Resist Art

Resist art is basically where you use a material to stop paint colouring a certain area.

Common materials used are tape, paper, wax and glue.

In this case the paper is partially covered with a paper template to stop the paint going on a certain area so that the picture is created once it’s removed.

What Materials Can You Use For Resist Art?

To make this snowman craft you’ll obviously need some essential materials, white paper or card, paint and our snowman template.

What you choose to do the painting with though is up to you.

I’ve used tin foil as I think it’s a bit of an unusual painting material but it’s one that a lot of us have in a cuboard somewhere.

Not got any foil? How about using a sponge, pom poms, a toothbrush or a shower puff?

resist art snowman craft with free template

Free Snowman Template

Our snowman template is available as a free PDF to download.

Love free templates for kids crafts? We’ve got loads with ideas for every season – make sure you check them all out.

resist art snowman craft for kids

Resist Art Snowman

Use our free template to make a simple winter art picture.


Keyword: Christmas, snowman, Winter

Author: Kate Williams


  • 1 Free snowman template
  • Kitchen foil
  • 1 piece paper white


  • Print out your snowman template (following the link in the post above)

  • Colour in the snowman’s hat.

  • Cut out the snowman and his hat separately.

  • Take a piece of washi tape and roll it to form a circle. Make a couple more of these and use them to stick your snowman’s body onto your white piece of paper.

  • Pour some coloured paint onto your reusable plate.

  • Scrunch up some kitchen foil and dip it into the paint. Use this to then dab around your paper to colour in the background.

  • Once you’ve finished painting remove the snowman template.

  • Glue on the snowman’s hat.

  • Colour in your snowman’s eyes, nose, mouth and scarf using coloured pens.


I have an old plate that I use again and again for kids crafts, this is kept separate to my normal plates and is used so that paints can be accessed more easily.
I’ve used blue paper to print out my template so that it’s easier to show what I’m doing in the photos and video for this craft but by all means use white paper for this instead.
I use washi tape for crafts like this because the sticking power on it is much less than traditional tapes so it’s less likely to tear your paper. If I want to be certain that the tape won’t tear anything when it’s removed then I’ll normally stick it to my trousers or something first as this helps remove a bit of the stickiness!
Tried this?Mention @craftsonsea – we’d love to see and maybe share it!

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