Say hello to the Travel Duffle 35L & Dufflepack 65L

Say hello to the Travel Duffle 35L & Dufflepack 65L

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About little less than two months ago, we have featured the Peak Design Travel Line and they have been crushing their Kickstarter goal. With an initial goal of 500K, now they are over 4 Million with over 11K backers. That’s an insane outcome but I am not that surprised. Peak Design proved themselves to combine design usabilities with our daily life. I have been following for a long time and they have never disappointed. With less than 40 hours (as I am writing this), they are introducing more bags to their Travel Line. Introducing the Travel Duffle 35L and the Travel Dufflepack 65L.

What you’ve seen so far is just the beginning of the Peak Design Travel Line. We’re fully committed to supporting more carry styles and travel use cases. We’ve got 2 beautiful, versatile new bags coming down the pipeline.

The concepts of our new bags are sound, but all sorts of fun little details have yet to be honed. That means some things are bound to change about them between now and when we ship them. The upside is that we have an opportunity to bring backers deeper into our design process. If you’re stoked on either of these bags and okay with a bit of the unknown, you can get a Kickstarter-exclusive discount on them by backing in the next 2 days. And if you’d rather wait and see how they evolve before throwing down that hard-earned cash, we totally understand that. The bags will both be available at their eventual MSRP after our Kickstarter backers receive all of their rewards.

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Travel Duffle 35L

Peak Design: Say hello to the Travel Duffle 35L & Dufflepack 65L Peak Design: Say hello to the Travel Duffle 35L & Dufflepack 65L

Peak Design’s ode to the timeless and utilitarian duffel bag, the Travel Duffle 35L is as beautiful as it is simple. Carry-on size with a 35L capacity, the 35L Duffle is a perfect weekender, over-nighter, gym bag, or sidekick to one of our larger travel bags. Features removable padded top handles, a removable padded shoulder strap, weatherproof nylon canvas construction, and all-custom aluminum hardware. A burly #10 weatherproof zip gives high-visibility access to a single large volume, sized to work perfectly with our Packing Tools (sold separately).

Travel Duffle 65L

A monster gear hauler, the Travel Dufflepack 65L maximizes your carry capacity without compromising comfort or versatility. Ergonomic padded backpack-style shoulder and waist straps support the heaviest of loads, yet stow instantly beneath magnetically-sealed back panels. Burly side grab handles give quick carrying options. Integrated expansion zips offer a massive 20L of payload expansion (45 min to 65L max). Weatherproof internally-padded nylon canvas offers superior protection and maintains it’s structure for easy loading/unloading. A single burly #10 weatherproof zip runs the length of the bag giving you big, beautiful access. Internal volume is sized to perfectly fit Peak Design Packing Tools (sold separately) for customizable organization.

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