Scavenger Hunt for Zoom (FREE Printable for Kids)

Scavenger Hunt for Zoom (FREE Printable for Kids)

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scavenger hunt for zoom whatsapp skypeAs we don’t live near any of our family we’ve kept in contact via Skype or Whatsapp for quite a while but over the last couple of weeks we’ve been trying out different platforms and right now Zoom is our favourite. I wanted a game that my kids could play with their cousins online and a scavenger hunt for Zoom seemed like the perfect idea.

Not only could they see several groups of their cousins all at once (very cool!) but they also got to race around and have fun. I think at the moment just normal talking can seem a bit strange at times (‘what have you been up to?’ Umm… not going out) so playing a game together on Zoom, Facetime or Whatsapp is a good way to connect, and if you fancy a chat together afterwards then great, and if not then no problems.

If you like this idea I’d love it if you shared it so that other people can play it too, we had a blast (especially with the kids cramming in the shower for the last challenge so I hope it will help to keep your kids entertained for a bit! If you do want to print it please do so from the link below so it’s not all wonky – I’ve made the printable in grey and black as well so as to not use up all your ink – very much an issue with all the printables from school people are having!

scavenger hunt for kids to play on zoom skype facetime whatsapp free printable

What You’ll Find on This Page

How Do You Play A Scavenger Hunt on Zoom?

For us the most important thing about playing a game online was that we needed two separate accounts online at the same time. Now your kids might be perfect angels who would never try and look over your shoulder to see what’s coming up next but my kids? My kids will absolutely try and cheat and my experience of playing quizzes and scavenger hunts online with other families is that they are far from alone at this.

So we set up one laptop upstairs for me on my own (peace! Quiet! A hot cup of tea!) and my husband had his laptop open downstairs with the kids and we both used separate accounts. No cheating, everyone is happy.

The other thing to be mindful of is where are the other kids you’re playing with situated in their home? If all the groups playing are sat in their dining room except for one group in their bedroom then you can bet that the group upstairs will be last every time to find items in the kitchen, front room or dining room. Sure they’ll probably get everything upstairs first (that’s the sock for a starter) but you might want to ask the parents to all settle their kids down in the same room in each home to keep things fair, either that or you might want to check that the items your looking for will give everyone a chance.

The other thing I was mindful of when I wrote the clues is that not everyone has a garden, I haven’t been round some of my kids cousins homes so rather than be presumptuous I thought it was best just not to add anything in about the outdoors. If you know everyone has a garden or backyard though you might want to add something like a blade or grass, something that grows or a selfie outdoors.

What Are The Rules for the Scavenger Hunt?

The only rules I gave the kids were that the first team back with the item would get the point, that there was to be no running on the stairs (as ours are crazy loud and a bit slippery) and that you couldn’t use something you already had on you or were wearing – so for example for something red you couldn’t use your hair or your tshirt.

What Do You Need to Play a Scavenger Hunt on Zoom

Obviously, you’re going to need an account with Zoom, or Whatsapp or whichever app you’re using.

I’ve made a free printable that you can print off below with all of the items to find that we used, feel free to use ours of change it according your your groups needs, after all it’s only you that will see it so if it’s got a few lines through it or additions no-one will see.

A pen and piece of paper so you can make a note of who scored the points each time.

The other thing you’ll need for this particular scavenger hunt is a mobile phone or camera.

Printable Terms and Conditions of Use

This printable is totally free to use and you are welcome to print as many copies as you need but don’t edit this printable (except for with a pen on your version) and don’t sell it. If you want to link to this printable please link to this page and not to the PDF itself.

Free Scavenger Hunt Printable

Click here to download your free scavenger hunt for Zoom.

More Scavenger Hunts

If you’re kids are loving scavenger hunts right now (or if you just need some more activities to help them burn off some steam then why not grab our outdoor scavenger hunt that kids can colour as they find each item.

We’ve got an indoor scavenger hunt printable too! Grab it here for more fun inside.

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