Simple and Sweet Valentines Tree Crafts

Simple and Sweet Valentines Tree Crafts

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I’m not quite sure where the trend for Valentines tree crafts came from but one thing I do know is that they’re super cute and we’re always to go with any reason to make something cheerful and pretty! These Valentines crafts are super easy and use a template for the tree which means that you can make them with even very young kids (because trees can be a bit tricky to draw and this way you don’t have to wait for paint to dry) but older kids will also enjoy making these as a cute craft to pop on the wall and decorate your place ready for Valentines Day.

simple valentines tree crafts

Our Valentines Tree Crafts

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All the Valentines Day tree crafts that I’m sharing today are made using our free tree template, make sure you grab it and print a few off so you can make a few different crafts! In this post I’m sharing three ideas for crafts that I’ve photographed as well as some more ideas you might like to try out, plus keep reading for more simple Valentines Day crafts you can make with your kids.


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Like these ideas? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you’ve got them all to hand when you need them.

Heart Stamped Valentines Tree Craft

heart printed valentines tree craft for kids cardboard tube

I don’t know who came up with the idea of using a cardboard tube to make a heart shape – it seems to be all over Pinterest but it’s just as likely to be someone running a playgroup somewhere – but either way it is genius. I love it when we can do crafts without having to buy new materials and anything that can be found in the recycling bin is perfect in my eyes. To make it easier to stamp your heart pattern onto your Valentines tree make sure that you first pour your paint onto a plate or tray. I’ve used pink and purple but red would be great to use too (or whatever colour your kids really love!)

Paper Hearts Valentines Tree

paper heart valentines tree craft for kids #kidscrafts

I used a heart shaped paper punch to make the heart shapes for this craft but you could cut some out of scrap paper manually – the punch just makes it quicker if you’re cutting out a lot! Use some glue on your tree’s branches and then add your paper hearts. Toddlers and preschoolers can sprinkle them on while older children will probably be a bit more precise. This is a good one to talk about colours while you are making it – which is your child’s favourite?

Pom Pom Painted Valentines Tree

pom pom printed valentines day tree craft for kids

So this one isn’t a heart tree but the colours look great so I still had to shape it! Painting with pom poms is a great alternative to a paintbrush and it’s a really nice alternative for kids who don’t like the feel of finger paints. As before just pop your paint onto a plate or tray before you get started.

More Ideas for Valentines Tree Crafts

More Easy Valentines Day Crafts for Kids

This easy mosaic heart craft is a great way to practice scissor skills too.

easy-mosaic-heart-craft 300

For another fun printing craft why not try out these foil printed hearts which my daughter loved making.

foil heart craft 300

Finally this recycled CD Valentines Day craft is a great one for younger kids and is another good way to get a second use out of things you don’t need or want anymore.

valentines cd craft 300

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