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snowman template pdf blankWe’re ready for some easy winter crafts and this printable snowman template is here to help you create some sweet art with your child. This printable template is free to download and I’ll be sharing some easy ideas for activities that you can do with it.

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Snowman Template Craft and Activity Ideas

Snowman crafts are really easy to make for kids because after all, if a bit of ‘snow’ goes amiss then it’s just like snow, right? You never can tell exactly where each flake will land!

As a good rule of thumb if you’re using using white paint or paper to colour your snowman then you’ll want to print it onto coloured paper to make sure that it shows! Blue paper is normally best for this as it gives that wintery feel where as black (while looking great with white!) won’t show the outline of your template.

If you are using this template to make resist art then white paper is perfect.

  • Print the template onto white paper (you can laminate it if you wish) and use it as a playdough mat. Use your playdough to ‘colour in’ the snowman’s hat and make his eyes, nose and mouth. How about adding a scarf or some buttons? You could make the arms out of playdough or use sticks for them.
  • Use this template to make our snowman mosaic craft, just add black paper for the top hat.
  • You could use this as a snowman template for cotton balls. Simply cover the main part of the snowman’s body with glue and use cotton balls to cover this, making a fun three dimensional craft.
  • Grab some pom poms and use this template as an outline to make our pom pom painted snowman. You could try this with cotton balls too if you have some left over!
  • Use finger painting to colour in your snowman.
  • Use this template as a drawing or painting prompt. Sometimes the easiest ideas are the ones that have worked best with my kids so just print this off and hand it over with a load of pens and see how your child decorates it.

snowman template printable PDF

Printable Snowman Christmas Card

If you love snowman crafts then be sure to check out our free printable snowman Christmas card that your kids can colour and give to friends and family. I’ve shared a video of it on this page so you can see how it’s made too, I think it looks fantastic and I hope you’ll like it too.

Snowman Template Terms of Use

This PDF is free for personal and school / preschool use only. If you are unsure if you can use it please contact me and I’ll be happy to clarify. You may print as many copies as you like but you may not edit the PDF or sell it at all. If you would like to link to this PDF either to share it with others or though another website then please link to this page and not the PDF itself.

Printable Snowman Template

Click here to download and print your free snowman printable.

I love sharing easy ideas for crafts that you can do with your kids so make sure you check out all our free templates for kids crafts.

More Winter Crafts for Kids

These paper plate snowflakes were ones that I made with my kids. They’re great for decorating, especially if you have a load of things in your craft box to use up!

paper plate snowflakes 300

Make some easy winter tree art using our free tree template and our ideas that are super simple and fun.

winter tree painting ideas 300

Or how about making this paper plate snowman that’s a great way to practice scissor skills.

paper plate snowman 300

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