Landscape photographer of the year aims to inspire engagement with the British landscape through photography. We take a look at the winners of all categories.

Gannets Overhead, Thomas Easterbrook – winner, youth black and white

“I took this photo of the two gannets as they flew over our heads when we were on a boat just off the coast of Cornwall. A large number of gannets were diving around us – a spectacular sight!”

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Spring Hares, Thomas Easterbrook – winner, youth your view

“I took this photo of these brown hares in Norfolk in spring this year. The hares were enjoying being in this wet meadow and we were there for about an hour watching them”

Fully Loaded, Kevin Williams – winner, urban life

“The port of Felixstowe, Suffolk”

Bladerunner, Cal Cole – winner , youth urban life

“Newly constructed skyscrapers on a winter’s night”

Highlands, Jian Hui Mo – winner, youth classic view

“Whilst climbing in Glencoe, Scotland, I noticed this blue haze in the distance, shrouding the landscape in mystery. I switched to my long lens and took this image over the loch”

Loch Awe, Damian Waters – winner, lines in the landscape

“I’d conceived this image in my head before arriving on location and had checked the train departure time from Loch Awe. The train was delayed and I thought the evening would close in too quickly, but the train emerged from the gloom just in the nick of time”

Windmill in the Mist, Itay Kaplan – winner, historic Britain

“I had to travel for work, so I decided to start very early to capture sunrise. Due to fog forecast, I decided to visit a well-known woodland nearby, but on my way, I realised that I forgot my hiking boots, so woodland wouldn’t work. Luckily, I always have a plan B, so I added another 10 minutes to my drive to visit this beautiful windmill and capture this photo”

Oh! Limpet Games, Simon Turnbull – winner, your view

“I love finding little details in nature. I discovered this scene wandering along the beautiful Devon coast. The rock formation with its intriguing lines and colours provided a wonderful composition, the limpets adding story and interest, playfully sliding down the gully like an Olympic bobsleigh team”

Dawn Reflection, Natasha Burns – overall youth winner

“Winter dawn breaking at Loch Creran, Argyll”

Souls Tied, Paul Killeen – winner, black and white

“This is a very poignant and personal image. A good friend of my wife’s sadly passed away in 2021. Lynsey was diagnosed with a brain tumour in October 2015. When diagnosed, she was informed that she would be lucky to see Christmas that same year. However, Lynsey bravely battled the cancer for five and a half years before she passed on 11 April 2021. This image was made on 14 April 2021, the morning of Lynsey’s funeral. As soon as I saw the two birds fly into my frame, I was immediately reminded of Lynsey and her husband, Simon”

Ascension, Demiray Oral – winner, classic view

“I knew thunderstorms were forecast, so when I saw their path alongside the windows of sunshine and where this would break through on the relevant weather apps, I decided I’d go and wait for a rainbow to appear at one of my favourite locations. Whilst I wasn’t surprised when it did, I still could not believe what unfolded in front of me. The apparition of the rainbow was wonderful, but the light sweeping across the Dragon’s Back was just sensational … It was a thrilling afternoon I’ll never forget”

Brecon in Winter, Will Davies – overall winner

“Dawn sunlight warms up a winter’s morning in the Brecon Beacons. This image was taken from the Pen-y-Crug hillfort, which provides a spectacular panorama of Brecon and the surrounding mountains. On this December morning, sunlight broke through a clearing snowstorm, adding a wonderful burst of warmth and colour to the scene. I used a telephoto lens to help compress the sunlit fields and distant snowy hills”

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