Spinning Snowman Craft with Asthma UK’s Letters To Santa

Spinning Snowman Craft with Asthma UK’s Letters To Santa

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spinnning snowman paper plate craftI’m really pleased to be working with Asthma UK to share with you about their Letters To Santa campaign and also share this paper plate snowman craft with you – isn’t it cute?! Christmas is a magical time for kids and one of the traditions that we always have in our house is writing a letter to Santa – I’m sure we’re not alone on this one!

This year Asthma UK have launched a Letters To Santa campaign where in return for a donation your child will receive a pack in the post which contains everything they’ll need to write to Santa with. Next up settle your child down with some pens and pencils and get creative – the packs look gorgeous! Once it’s complete post your letter off and Asthma UK will make sure that Santa replies to your child.

Asthma is an illness that’s had a big effect on our family – both my husband and daughter suffer from it and my husbands brother died in childhood from it. To me it’s one of those illnesses that’s pretty common but it’s easy to forgot how serious it can be.

Asthma UK’s funding goes towards projects including giving advice to over 9,000 people last year through their helpline and researching ways to stop asthma attacks and help find a cure. Letters To Santa campaign (And just so you know, I’m not being paid for working with Asthma UK on this.)

If you like this craft make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image for later. I’d love it if you could share it on social media too so more people can find out about this great campaign!

Spinning snowman paper plate craft for kids

Paper Plate Snowman Craft

This snowman paper plate craft is the partner to our Santa paper plate craft and a fun one to display at home as it spins! You can check out how to make it and see it in action in the video below or keep reading for the written instructions on how to make it.

First grab a paper plate and cut a spiral shape into it, leaving a good sized amount of room in the centre for where you’ll be adding your snowman’s head later.

Next grab some string or wool and tie a knot in one end. You’ll be using the string so that you can hang your snowman paper plate up when it’s finished and watch it spin (or to play with it!). Using a pen or scissors make a hole in the centre part of your paper plate, pushing the scissors down in to some blue tack or similar. Younger kids will need a hand with this part.

Push your string through the hole in your paper plate so that the knot is on the underneath of it.

Next cut a circle from white card to make your snowman’s head. Cut a black top hat shape from black card and then glue this on. You can now add the features for your snowman’s face, make sure to give him a carrot nose and of course a smile!

Cut out some stick shapes from brown card and then glue the snowman’s head to the centre of your paper plate and the stick shapes further down to make some arms for him. When you stick the snowman’s head on I would recommend giving the string on your paper plate a little pull so you can see what the highest part of your paper plate spiral will be, you don’t want your snowman’s head to end up upside down!

Have fun playing with your paper plate snowman craft and don’t forget to check out Asthma UK’s Letters to Santa!

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