Sponge Painted American Flag Craft

Sponge Painted American Flag Craft

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easy patriotic american flag craft

With the 4th of July rapidly approaching I wanted to take the opportunity to share a few more easy kids crafts and activities for it and I love this simple sponge painted American flag craft. Of course flag crafts are perfect for the 4th of July and using big things to print with means that it’s easier for smaller hands to who can stamp the paint onto the paper making it a great craft for toddlers or preschoolers, I’ve also shared a couple of little tips in this post to make this activity even easier for you to do with your kids.

Like this craft? As a parent of two kids myself I know how many things I mean to make with them and then totally forget about it because of sleep deprivation and trying to find shoes and all that sort of thing, so if you want to make sure you remember this be sure to bookmark this page or pin an image plus keep reading for our favourite 4th of July crafts and activities for kids plus some great recommendations for 4th of July books to share with your kids this year.

easy 4th of july craft for kids toddler preschool american flag

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Sponge Painted American Flag Craft

To make this craft start of with some white cardstock. For crafts like this I really prefer using card over paper because with the  potential for a large amount of paint getting used paper can get drippy and torn a lot more easily. The card holds paint a lot easier and helps to make sure that your child’s artwork stays looking awesome!

Put red and blue paint onto two separate plates, using separate ones helps reduce the chances of paint getting mixed before you’ve finished. We use old plastic plates that we used to use for camping because they can be re-used and shouldn’t break if they get dropped.

Grab some sponges and get ready to start printing your flag craft. We used some kitchen sponges as they made great rectangle shapes but obviously if you have something sat in your cupboard at home that you could use then go for that instead. To print the blue on the flag we used the large back part of the sponge while to make the red stripes we used the thin long edge.

To finish off your flag once the paint is dry you could add some white star stickers, draw some stars on or make a sweet white handprint which turns this into a keepsake craft as well!

More 4th of July Activities and Crafts for Kids

Have fun exploring your neighbourhood using this free 4th of July scavenger hunt for kids.

Fancy trying your hand at more printed flags? Why not try out this one that uses a lego block!

Finally these paper plate American flags have been super popular and are great if you have a few kids to keep busy.

paper plate flag 300

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