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Stained Glass Pumpkin Suncatcher – Crafts on Sea

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pumpkin suncatcher halloween an easy craft for kids

This stained glass pumpkin suncatcher is an easy Halloween craft that I made with my kids a few years ago and every Halloween it’s been crazy popular. It’s a really fun activity but it also makes a great craft for toddlers or preschoolers as it’s great for fine motor skills and you can use it to discuss colour mixing practice scissor skills too! The materials used mean the colours are a bit brighter than you would get with tissue paper and with the end result looks like stained glass which also gave us a great opportunity to talk about colour mixing!

To make your stained glass pumpkin suncatcher you will need:

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Coloured cellophane

Orange card

Black paper

Sticky back plastic (contact paper)


Needle and thread

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pumpkin suncatcher craft for kids

Lets make it!

Want to see how we made these? Check out the video below. Prefer written instructions? You’ll find them straight underneath. You’ll also find lots more ideas for easy Halloween crafts for kids at the end of this post.

The first thing I did was to cut out a pumpkin shape from the orange card, I drew it in pencil first as I was a bit worried about going freehand!

Pumpkin craft templateThen I invited my son to join in. We stuck the shape down on some sticky back plastic. My handy hint here is to stick down each corner with some selotape or washi tape as that stuff will stick to anything going near it, ie my toddlers hands about 468 times.

I also cut out a ‘scary face’ from paper he’d previously painted black. If you do have some black card that you can use then go for it and you could also use the black card to make the pumpkin shape as I’ve done in the video below.

We then both cut out some shapes to fill it in. I did the majority as he’s still a bit unsteady with the scissors and I like to keep to the amount he’s comfortable about doing but this is a great way for your kids to practice their scissor skills. He’s pretty happy to do all the sticking though! Using coloured cellophane for this craft rather than tissue paper is great as it’s easy for kids to cut and is far brighter than if you use something else – perfect for letting the colours really poop when the sun streams through it.

I wasn’t sure if he knew about colour mixing so as well as doing orange for the main bit of the pumpkin we also did red and yellow so I could show him how orange is made. He then wanted more of these colours so I think that worked! Once he deemed it finished we put another piece of sticky back plastic on the top to hold it all in place. This is what our pumpkin suncatcher looked like.

How to make a stained glass pumpkinSigh…man I love that washi tape!!

We then cut around the edge of the shape and our stained glass pumpkin was ready to be hung up in the window, all it needed was a needle and thread so it could be hung up.

If your kids enjoyed this craft make sure you check out my book 30 Halloween Crafts for Kids which is full of fun, achievable and cool ideas!

Stained Glass Pumpkin Craft for Kids

I think it looks super cute and I’m sure it will be scaring away lots of people on Halloween 😉

Stained Glass Pumpkin Suncatcher

Make a fun suncatcher craft for Halloween


  • Stick some sticky back plastic down, sticky side up, using washi tape or sellotape

  • Cut a pumpkin shape out of card, cutting out the middle to give a edge of around 1-2 centimetres

  • Stick the pumpkin shape onto the sticky back plastic

  • Cut eyes and mouth out of black paper and card

  • Stick the eyes and mouth onto the pumpkin shape

  • Cut shapes out of yellow, red and orange cellophane

  • Stick the cellophane onto the pumpkin

  • Seal the back of the pumpkin by placing another piece of sticky back plastic onto it

  • Cut out the pumpkin

  • Display either using a needle and thread to hang it or with blutack or sellotape

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paper plate witch 300

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paper-bag-witch-square 300

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