Studiopepe Shares Their Design Vision With A Compelling Virtual Constellation



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With ‘De-siderio’, the Milanese studio goes beyond the concept of home as a strictly physical place, and embraces the digital as an invaluable form of storytelling for design. For the project, the studio conceived an imaginary architectural space which connects their 2020 projects through a visionary iconographic background. “It is an articulated and rich constellation that involved formal research on materials, and analysis of signs and language, all aspects that are characteristic of our design vision,” explains the studio. The conceptual storytelling is narrated through a captivating video imbued with a poetic language, with references, connections, and analogies to art and science. Showcased are a multitude of design objects and furniture pieces from Studiopepe’s brands, including Baxter, CC-Tapis, Gallotti&Radice, and Petite Friture, amongst others.

As the project’s title, which means desire in English, suggests, the video interrogates the passionate human research for conjunction and beauty. Composed of the Latin prefix de– meaning ‘lack’ of and the word sidus meaning ‘star’, to desire something means to ‘lack stars’, “to feel that something is wanting, and therefore foster a sentiment of passionate seeking,” explains the studio. “De-siderio is what moves our soul and keeps us constantly curious.”

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