Super Bright Turquoise Craft Shed You Will Love!

Super Bright Turquoise Craft Shed You Will Love!

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turquoise craft shed

How fabulous does this, turquoise painted, craft shed look? You know how much I love Craft Rooms; I was so impressed with Tippy Stockton’s craft studio, that I had to share with all my lovely readers.

Super Bright Turquoise Craft Shed You Will Love!

My most recent ‘favourite colour’ has been a lighter shade of this marvellous turquoise colour, almost a mint but I do like to receive a bold dose of turquoise every so often! The amount of light and storage in this little shed is just fantastic.

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It reminds me of this gorgeous Shed makeover.


The glass fronted door really helps to provide extra lighting, this is exactly what you need in a creative studio. The little seating area, the window planter and the big barn star on the outside of the shed fill me with glee. The sign, the outside light and the door mat are the most adorable little touches! I can imagine someone walking up that little garden path towards the shed with a cup of tea for the busy worker bee inside.

turquoise craft storage

I’m really excited about this colour; I think the rare sunshine I’m experiencing today is also helping my excitement. The plant in the top of the etage looks great and I never even considered this as somewhere for my plants to live! I think I’m going to have to steal that idea!

Tippy Stockton bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is the type of jewellery created in the bright, colourful studio; by the marvellous Tippy Stockton. Tippy Stockton initially shared these images with Brittni, of PapernStitch blog back in 2011.


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I’m also rather impressed with the size of this little studio and how well it has been plastered (I’m guessing that it’s also well insulated) andpainted. The hanging chandelier looks great over by that large window and I love the durable laminate flooring.

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Tippy Stockton shed

And here we have a rather beautiful shot of Tippy and her dog outside this gorgeous little retreat. Tippy Stockton Blog.

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