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Super Easy Butterfly CraftSuper Easy Butterfly Craft

easy butterfly craft for kids toddlers preschoolSometimes we all need to go back to basics a bit, doing the crafts that are easy to set up and don’t require us spending loads of money on materials or (even worse) having to wait for them to be delivered. This easy butterfly craft is perfect as it ticks all the boxes plus it looks really pretty too. Butterfly crafts are great for spring and summer and this is one that will look super sweet pinned on your kids wall or in pride of place on your fridge or noticeboard.

This butterfly craft is perfect for toddlers or preschoolers but older kids will enjoy it too – my school age daughter loves making anything butterfly related and still needs to concentrate a little to get the wings right so it’s a good one for helping with hand-eye coordination too. As soon as she saw this craft she had to give it a go and we now have pages and pages of butterflies!

As this craft involves stamping it’s perfect for younger kids, firstly because they just enjoy stamping and secondly because big stamps are easier to hold.

Like this craft? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image for later plus keep reading for more of our favourite easy crafts for kids.

butterfly crafts for kids preschool toddlers

Easy Butterfly Craft

To make these butterflies all you will need is some paper, paint, a plate, pen and some cotton reels. The ones we’ve used are old ones we had at home but you can also but them online without any cotton as they can be used for teaching kids how to thread. Originally I’d planned on making this craft with potato printing but you know what? Potatoes can actually be pretty hard to print with. The paint makes them stick a bit to the paper and so they can be hard to pull back up, cotton reels are much better as kids can hold onto them easily, no one wants crafting to be stressful or frustrating after all!

For these butterflies I’ve drawn on the bodies of the butterflies before we started printing using a black pen. Older kids will be able to do this themselves while for younger toddlers you might want to do it for them, especially as it then gives them a place to aim their stamping at. Put some paint onto your plate and then stamp your cotton reel in it before stamping it onto the plate to make the butterfly’s wings.

Making butterfly crafts is always a great opportunity to discuss symmetry with your kids but of course it does’t matter if the wings are symmetrical or not – the most important thing is to have some fun. It’s also a great opportunity to look at colour mixing – if you put red and yellow on the plate together what colour will it become if you mix them together? Because our colours always end up mixed up!

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