the addition: insulation and drywall!

the addition: insulation and drywall!

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If you’ve been following along for a while, then you know that we started here when we took on our house with the photo below. {You can read our beginnings with a little bit of a CliffsNotes of our phases for this rehab + the framing, windows + door choices + mantel plans with all things updates} here.

And Monday, we answered a reader question about a little bit of our process and the direction to go, in case you’re thinking about taking on one of your own rehabs/additions!

But we started here: {We truly had our work cut out for us with the entire house}


And now we’re here with a fun addition to the house!

Yes, the über-dated, been-there-since-before-I-was-born street light is coming down. 

And this week, we’re thrilled to share the insulation, fireplace installation, and all things drywall.

It’s starting to look like a real live space! {See mantel plans here.} 

It’s always funny to me, how things look larger, and then smaller and then larger again, in all the phases of construction. I’m so amused by this little factoid. 

And the dogs are so perpetually confused, they have no idea what to think. 

We still have another coat of mud, and then sanding of all things drywall.

Then we can move on to the next phase!

Some of you have asked what we’re taking on with this addition, ourselves. That’s a great question. 

With what we do, there’s a little bit of a hybrid approach that we like to take on. When we’re working with clients, we guide them and work with professionals based on what they’d like to handle, alongside their budget. All of that is different per person.

When we’re working on our own house, we take on what we can. Depending on our situation, we either hire out or tackle ourselves. Jamin and I will personally start the trim and tile work ourselves… now. As in, he picked up all the planks this morning. Let the planking begin. 

Could we have framed this addition ourselves? Sure. But it would still be six months out from completion of said framing. ;} Sometimes the jobs are best when left up to the pros and an entire crew of people. Could we have insulated? Definitely. We’ve done it before. This time, we decided to save a little time and let the professionals do what they do best. But we’re on to the next phases, and that’s on team Handmade Home. Yes, I did just write that… {Wish us luck!}

You may remember, I was a little torn about what to do with this wall. As in, I thought I had a solution, but it turns out it was still bugging me.

It looked like an abandoned set of a play. Or something off the great movie ride. RIP, Great Movie Ride. I’m really still kinda sad about that one. Anyone else? Bueller? Bueller?

So initially, we’d planned to keep the brick, and add shiplap. But it still bothered me. Then I had a friend over for dinner, and she was all, “Um, that’s not going to look right.”

We’ve been friends since the 7th grade, so I was glad she laid it on me. She basically said what my subconscious was screaming.

With the old roofline, it was adding to an odd configuration with uneven finishes in the original solution. Our original choices were a. shiplap combo, b. try to match up the old brick and pay oodles in random labor costs with brick-like tile all the way, {there were a lot of variables in that one} or option c. 

Sometimes, you have to sit on something for a bit before you can make the call. So we decided to frame out this wall, too… option c it is!

Pssssssttt… check out that original brown color around the framing of the window on the right. SOOOOO purdy. 

Is this not so much better? Ahhhh. Drywall.

No longer does it look like the great movie ride where animatronic Judy Garland may or may not pop out of at any moment. It’s slightly terrifying, really. 

A little trim work and we plan to be well on our way with all things polished progress. 

And here’s a quick mock up of the new solution. Keyword = quick. AKA no judging.

We plan to add wallpaper to the opposite wall and there will be a lot of things going on in this room with all the needs that will be met as far as form vs. function. {We have another design elements post coming up where we’ll be sharing all the details on the inside since I was grossly indecisive before and shared the basics. AKA why can I design other people’s houses all day long and then I totally lose my mind over our own?}

However, keeping it real, we knew that we needed to disguise a little bit of the awkward lines with this one. Thus we’re going for a little bit of a board and batten approach, to polish it aaaall up. 

We’ve had a few questions from visitors coming by to see our new addition… they want to know why we didn’t lose a door or a window and make it one big open space into our great room. The answer is, lots of reasons.

But the number one was because walls.

We already have one big open space on the other side, and needed this room to be separate on it’s own. Hurray for rooms! This room will serve as an entertaining area, a separate dining area, a studio for my painting and so much more. It totally worked for the first revamp of our house to knock down those walls, and it still works. Open concept isn’t for everyone, but this house is glorious with it. And because of that, we wanted a separate space here. It’s like the best of both worlds, since we’re gaining a little real estate back.

In turn, we also didn’t want to lose the light in the great room, but we adore the window seat and the feel of it all on the other side. Thus keeping all the things.

And no worries, it will look even better once it’s properly trimmed and that screen door is gone. It’s been a good screen door, but we’ll be replacing it with a beautiful addition from Artisan Hardware. {Pssst – they’re having a sale this week!}

{Sneak peek from the other side if you’re not familiar with us and what we do and our house and all the things – see why we don’t want to lose those windows, or the feel of a separate space? You get the the beeesssst of both worlds…

{Cue Miley Cyrus – you’re welcome. Who lives around the corner from us in Franklin, apparently. Good times.} 

So, onward and upward we go, literally, once this drywall is complete. See me, dangling from a ladder once again, planking all the things. I can’t decide if I’m excited or not.

Ima go with not. Wish us luck. 😀

shiplap your ceiling - nailing

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Have an inspired day!

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