the addition: windows and doors with window world

the addition: windows and doors with window world

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We’re back with another addition update today, and we’re thrilled to share a sneaky peeky of our new windows and doors with Window World! 

We started with this, when we took possession of the house three years ago.


And now we’re here. Cue angel chorus. 

No worries, the country bumpkin street light is coming down.

This is going to make such a huge difference in our back yard and all things entertaining! 

If you’re checking in from our last post, then you know that we’re so excited to have it up and framed out.

The roof was installed last weekend, and we decided to go with metal. One of the reasons we chose a metal roof was because it rains so much in Nashville. {No one told us we were moving to Seattle, but there’s a good reason it’s always so green.} So lemons into lemonade, and it may sound silly but there’s been a little bit of a mental adjustment for us over the last few years. We knew we would love a space to both entertain and enjoy on a rainy day.

A hanging bed and good book, anyone?

But with the windows and doors from Window World in, we’re officially excited.

We can’t get over how light and bright and fabulous everything will be!

I guess we should have known from our previous inside experiences how beautiful they’d be.

I’ll back up for a moment, though. Because in case you’re just now checking in… you need to know that they have totally transformed our house. We gave a little bit of our history in our last post about the addition. But when we took on this house, we were thrilled to install all new windows throughout the house, along with a fabulous new front door + a total transformation with their amazing siding. The money pit got a facelift to say the least.

Here’s a look at what we started with: 

And a little of what it looks like now with an entire overhaul a-la window world.

We plan to really dive into the landscaping side of things this year, since we can now let go of the inside and outside changes a little. {AKA they’re not quite so overwhelming – We’ve been a little busy each season with all the things.} The side entrance was probably the biggest game changer.

side entrance renovation

side entrance curb appeal

So we couldn’t be more thrilled about these new windows, and something else we’re floored over?

The beautiful new door.

We were able to color match it with Sherwin Williams Seaworthy, and Adley Grey on the inside, a-la Window World.


So the windows going in on the addition are definitely a high point. Be sure to check out our little tour here: 

Here are {JUST A FEW!} a few things we adore about Window World…

• They come with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. 
• Their warranty is unmatched. 
• We love that their company comes with numerous accreditations
• Their products are home grown and made in the USA
• Window World supports wonderful causes like the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®.
• These windows let in a ton of light, but they won’t bleach out the fun furnishings we have planned for the inside plus, they’re energy efficient – be sure to check out more of that here. If you haven’t checked out our video, be sure to see some more features we love!

So we’re thrilled to be this far on the inside and have plans for progress this week!

It’s moving faster now. 

As always, let us know if you have any questions about our process. We’d love to share. 

Have an inspired day!

:: This post was brought to you in partnership with Window World. All opinions are 100% ours. Please read our full disclosure pertaining to partnerships here ::

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