the best treehouse ideas – The Handmade Home

the best treehouse ideas – The Handmade Home

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It’s that time of year again.

That time of year where everyone is creating and sharing their very favorite versions of the Handmade Hideaway! We love all their very best treehouse ideas, It’s our most favorite time of the year when everyone starts up with their projects again! 

Once upon a time, we built version 1 of the handmade hideaway. 


And then when we moved, version 2! Which we always refer to as the ‘big kid’ version. 

All the tutorials and step by steps can be found in these links!

We’ve loved creating memories and doing all the fun things with the kids and the handmade hideaways! The best treehouse idea for late night camping and s’mores in our very own back yard. Here’s the fun spot where it was originally featured in Country Living {photos courtesy of Brian Woodcock}

Here are a few of our fave reader creations…

We adore all the fun versions out there + love it when sweet readers share.

via egdesigns9 on instagram

This hybrid via @watersidehearth is so much fun!

and another via @beckybell918


This one all decked out by @robberestyle


This little southern peach by @cdmorrow


This one brings out the rustic glamper in us – by @apcretul


sweet blue hues by @theclevergoose


Or this one by @Jackienewell. Points for the cool sign on the inside.


This one all prettied up by Sara Rasmussen


This one just exudes happy… and they win the best little happy censor ever. By @mamapotrafi


We love these colors and fun height with plenty of storage on the inside, by @annelaw99


Two stories, y’all. We want to be @kelli_lu when we grow up.


The entire back yard @lifeiswhatyoumakeit


A clear roof?! Yes please. @kristin_darling


This gorgeously girly fun florida addition by @amateurbuilder – though there’s nothing amateur about it! We’re in love with that screen door.


This fun treehouse idea inspired by the handmade hideaway by @therockpaperscissors

a true treehouse take @natalierenstrom



Adorable and ready with flamingos + umbrellas @poncefamily6

Pssst – don’t miss the boat version or cottage editions, either! WHAT. People are so amazingly creative.


We have more reader love here + here! 

The Handmade Hideaway has been around for quite a few years now. We’ve seen so many versions, we’ve loved watching them evolve with everyone’s creativity.

And in case you missed it, we did a round up video of FAQ’s for our handmade hideaway and treehouse ideas, here!

Be sure to check out all the amazing reader creations, here + share yours with the hashtag #handmadehideaway! – THE MOST FUN HASHIE on INSTA! {Yes, I did just write that. No, I won’t reel it in}

If you have any additional questions, be sure to leave them here in the comments. Thanks so much for tuning in! These are such great treehouse ideas, and we adore that they’re all versions of the handmade hideaway!

We look forward to hearing from you + hope to help in any way that we can! Let us know if you’ve come up with your own version. We’d love to share it here!

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Have an inspired day!


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