The Cool Kids: 62 Super Cool (Uniquely Illustrated) Books for Kids

The Cool Kids: 62 Super Cool (Uniquely Illustrated) Books for Kids

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The Cool Kids: 62 Super Cool (Uniquely Illustrated) Books for Kids #kids #kidsroom #kidsroomsdecor #kidsroomideas #kidsbooks #babybook

It took a little while, but I’ve finally built up a solid collection of books for Hayes. There are a handful of books from my childhood (literally, my mom saved some of them for me) and a whole bunch of new ones filling up his shelves.

So, I thought I’d share my absolute favorites because it took me a while to find books with cool illustrations and interesting or creative messages. Bonus – To make it super easy, every book in this roundup is available on Amazon!

Kids Books with Cool Illustrations

There are a handful of classics in the mix, like The Giving Tree and The Snowy Day, but most of the books on this list are new(ish) because I figured you already know all the classics and don’t need my help to find those.

Some of my absolute favorites include: Captain Starfish, Issun Boshi, This Is Not My Hat, and Henri’s Walk to Paris. I also really love The Blue Whale, but Hayes is kinda young for it currently (it’s long and filled with facts about blue whales). And if I was going to literally judge a book by it’s cover, I think I’d go with Frankfurt. But all the books below are great. You really can’t go wrong. Rollover any book image below for more info or click to start shopping.

P.S. I also learned somewhere along the way that books are one of the best gifts to give for baby showers, kid’s birthdays, etc. I’ve given some of the books on this list as gifts to family and friends and have received so many compliments (more than any other type of gift – toys, clothes, etc). So maybe you will too.

What were your favorite books growing up? And what new books have you found (and loved) for your little one?

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