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If you tuned into our insta stories two weeks ago, you may have seen a sneak peek of the factory project we’ve been working on.

We loved sharing a little bit of it with you. This is an old factory near downtown Nashville, being rehabbed now for businesses, restaurants, and shopping. From their site, they describe the location and once-upon-a-time use best: 

Located just two miles from downtown Nashville and five minutes from Vanderbilt University, Track One houses over 20 local businesses and galleries. We also offer flexible event and wedding space, ranging in size from 5,000 square feet to 14,000 square feet.

Constructed in 1924 by the Nashville Decatur Railroad, Track One originally served as a feed & seed warehouse to regional farming communities. Today, Track One is part of the revitalized Wedgewood-Houston arts district.

We’re always fascinated with old places, buildings and locations with a story.

So this truly rocks our world. Just to tour it was quite a treat. 

Yes, always, to brick herringbone that’s older than me. 

Shhh, no judging of the freakishly long finger toes. 

While the downstairs area has already filled up with fabulous businesses, the owner is busy renovating the top floor.

You can see where the old stove pipes once connected to walls, and kept their owners warm while they worked. The awesome windows with steel in the center still stand to this day, and peeling plaster walls reveal old brick beneath. 

We were even able to see an old safe that a photographer will be using in their new makeshift studio, and once held what we’re pretty sure was all the money in the building.

It’s just so much fun – they don’t make them like this anymore. 

And if you’ve ever wondered what old window weights look like still in use, well, here ya go. 

So here’s where we come in.

Do you remember the Bama room we were taking on this past fall? {War Eagle, the irony wasn’t lost on us.}

It turned out oh so great, we just never got around to a photoshoot of sorts to share it with you guys. Sometimes our projects aren’t recapped here and it’s a shame so maybe we’ll add that to our list soon, when we can breathe for a bit. But we said all that to say, that same fabulous client is back with a wonderful project that we’re so excited to get our hands on! 

Our client is moving their music business to this loft space, and will have this area as a hub for meetings, conference calls, and more.

They’re looking to add a little warmth and practicality to the room, with a few needs they have, to make it functional for all. 

The wonderful owner of the building has offered to paint, and install some lighting. From there, we’re choosing a few pieces to help meet the client’s needs, as well. 

Our job is to work with the surrounding area, keeping it cohesive with existing elements, as well as give it a bit of modern practicality. 

Again, the building speaks for itself. Really. But we were more than happy to add a little wonderful-ness to bring to glory what’s already in place.

Since some of the old wood needed to be reworked, we are working around some of what has already been done. For instance, a dark stain will be added to the wood around the top of each room. From there, we could choose our colors. 

Here’s a little sneak peek into the beginnings of the project: 

And just a sampling of the furnishings to come, with putting it all together. 

We love the classic colors that we came up with. The existing green inspired us to freshen it up with a cleaner hue in some of the areas, as a bit of a statement color. 

We’re also going with gray on the main exterior window wall. This will help lighten the dingy, aged look, but also offer a timeless appeal. With all the windows, that wall gets a little lost, so it should brighten the space, while also toning down a bit of the warmth so that it’s not too overwhelming. The space will hold a good bit of stain, so it will be good to strike a balance with neutrals.

Again with more blending and making the entire space a little more cohesive.

We also loved recommending these beauties from Kichler. A touch of brass and dark just feels right with the historical nature of the space. 

But the main challenge of the room, is this wall.

They’ll be closing off the space, which opens into another business. While we love the old existing paint, it can also use a little help on the fresh side of things. So the challenge is to make this wall a bit of a statement, while also camouflaging the old doorway. 

Here’s a little of what we came up with in a quick mockup: 

The plan is to match up the existing trim and wainscoting, and blend it with the wood to bring this wall to life.

We felt that since it’s a modern music company in Nashville, the simple shapes blending add to the appeal of something like repetition in music, rhythm, and even the literal nod to a piano key.

It’s a touch of subtle modern that blends in with the rest of the factory.

So stay tuned, because we do plan to show you more of this fun space and the subtle changes that will really bring it to life. It’s part of what we love so much about living in Nashville, all the fun historical places and influence.

We’re honored to be a part of such a fun industrial space, so stay tuned!

Have an inspired day!

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