The Italian Bundle; 33 Professional Artists Teach You How

The Italian Bundle; 33 Professional Artists Teach You How

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I am excited to announce the start of the sale of a very special product: The Italian Creative Bundle. Thankfully, I got early access so I’ve already accessed my classes and started learning. My favourite classes to take are floral painting classes so I’m starting with painting loose florals.

I’ve genuinely lost count of how many classes I’ve taken in the 11 years since I discovered the joy of online learning. If you’re not familiar with me, I became bedbound 11 years ago due to a mystery illness. It took 8 years for me to get a concrete diagnosis but in that time I had figured out my new normal, and the things I could do to thrive in those conditions.


The Italian Bundle; 33 Professional Artists Teach You How


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It was during the bedbound time that I started keeping sketchbooks, taking online art classes and connecting with people online. I was completely incapable of connecting in real life but those classes were my salvation.

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As we are now in an insane lockdown scenario due to a pandemic, we are all faced with what to do with our time. You will either sit back and fantasize about being creative or you will take the bull by the horns and immerse yourself in all of this creative content at a ridiculously discounted price. 


The Italian Bundle; 33 Professional Artists Teach You How

About The Italian Bundle: 

If you’ve been here before, you know I’m passionate about sharing bundle deals. They’re always jam packed full of very carefully selected resources to help you. The Italian Bundle is a temporary release of online courses and ebooks sold at a price beyond belief; at a 95% discount. They bring together the best professionals in a specific sector and sell their courses with discounts of over 95% during an entire week. 

Remember though: it is only for ONE week! 

The Creative Bundle is made up of 35 online courses and ebooks with a value greater than USD $1410.9 but that you can purchase for only USD $70.55 until May 4th.

Content: List of courses & ebooks:

1. Ink Making Course USD $23,20 – Flora Arbuthnott  
2. Watercolor Botanical for Beginners USD $65 – Laura Ashton
3. Learn my lettering style USD $10 – Natalie Avalos
4. Natural & Botanical Dye USD  $45* – Ellie Beck
5. Painting Loose Florals for Beginners USD $8 – Farah Bidin
6. Art Made Easy: Draw and Paint with the iPad Pro USD $20 – Gabrielle Brickey      
7. Complete Guide to Brush Lettering USD $22 – Missy Briggs
8. Faux Calligraphy & Intro to Modern Calligraphy with small pen USD $18,99 – Essy Chen
9. Summer Nights Step by Step USD $85* – Scott Christensen
10. The Comprehensive Guide to Bounce Lettering USD $27 – Maricar Concepcion



11. Character Design for Beginners USD $34.99 – Alexandra Gábor
12. Paint, Pattern, Play: Work Like a Surface Designer USD $75 – Amarilys Henderson  

13. Monoline Lettering Workbook USD $17,99 – Mhelanie Hernandez
14. Mix media floral fantasy USD  $75 –  Viddhi Kantesaria
15. Coloring Mandalas eBook USD $20 – Ailin Karic Plakalo (you can get my Mandala Coloring eBook for Free here)
16. Beginner Wall Hangings USD $9,99 – Emily Katz
17. Mini acrylic workshop Woodland Magic USD $38– Katrina Koltes

The Italian Bundle; 33 Professional Artists Teach You How


18. Creative Lettering for Beginners USD $140– Shannon Layne

19. The Beginner’s Guide to the Art of Furoshiki Wrapping USD $39 – Shiho Masuda
20. My secrets to draw chalk flowers USD $10– Valerie Mckeehan
21. Weaving Basics USD $25 – Maryanne Moodie
22. Gouache for Beginners USD $49 – Zaneena Nabeel
23. The nature heArt Journal USD $70*– Francisca Nunes
24. How to create a painting with POP USD $40 – Dennis Perrin
25.  Spirit Medicine, a Creativity and Art Journal Course USD $37 – Melanie Rivers
26. Stitch guide USD $5 – Stephanie Roach
27. Brush Lettering Workbook USD $18,75 – Andrea Rosell
28. Watercolor Fundamentals: Color Mixing and Painting Botanicals USD$ 100 – Sarah Simon
29. Modern Calligraphy Basics USD $97 – Holly Stavness

The Italian Bundle; 33 Professional Artists Teach You How

SALE PRICE = $70,55

30. Digital Lettering Workbook + Quick Recap of Tips to Grow Your Instagram USD $19,99 – Sarah Style  

Sarah Styles Testimonials

31. Flower Fundamentals USD $56 – Yvette Timmins
32. Learn to paint a dreamy spring landscape USD $19 – Irina Trzaskos

33. Mother’s Day Cards in Watercolor USD $ 26 – Irina Trzaskos
34. Better Beginnings in Watercolour USD $49 – Kerrie Woodhouse
35. Elephants with Watercolour Markers USD$ 39 – Kerrie Woodhouse 


As you can see, the Italian Creative Bundle is ideal for any creative soul who wants to master a skill or technique while everyone is in lockdown. Whether you want to paint acrylics, watercolor, draw, dye fabric,  or learn everything you possibly can about flowers, it’s all in this bundle


The Italian Bundle; 33 Professional Artists Teach You How

My Favourites From The Italian Bundle

The ones that I love the most are painting loose florals and the mixed media floral fantasy because of my obsession with painting and flowers.

This is an unbelievable opportunity to really dive into learning something, especially if you’re stuck on your own or even if you’re stuck with a family driving you crazy. Finding some quiet time to concentrate and be creative is good for your soul. This bundle is practically the value of a single course!

Remember! They will only be at this price for a week, so don’t think twice and get yours right now. 

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