the new addition: here we go {for realz this time}

the new addition: here we go {for realz this time}

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Remember this little project? Is this thing even on? TAP TAP TAP. 

Y’all are all, news flash Ashley, no one cares.

Also me : slams microphone into wall leaving an indention, cries because she broke her fist and microphone is now stuck. Does the shuffle of shame a-la Napoleon Dynamite off stage after completely dramatic overreaction.

That escalated quickly.

Let me start by saying summer is coming. No really. Forget winter. SUMMER. Because spring, summer and fall are basically what we live for with all things entertaining and pool time. Winter we’re just surviving. The pool is our therapy, and building fun relationships are important and we just love it. Unless it snows, winter gets a big NOPE from me. And even after that, it can only snow like once and then be over with. {What is it with me and my snow obsession?} The weather was actually sunny and warm yesterday, and it’s supposed to go back into cold wet misery in a few days. Make up your mind, winter.

SO since we’re officially ready to dive right into our big fat newest addition on the house, we thought we’d begin with a recap of sorts. And the reason that I rambled about the weather, above. 

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, join the club! We have taken so long to start {some of it on purpose, some of it not} we’re thrilled to share more on it all today and touch base with all things progress. 

You can see the intro to it all, here where we shared our initial plans. This is totally what it looked like when we moved in.


We spiffed it up and it was fun and it was a great little out back pool partay for us and entertaining. 


But that was good times and all, because we knew it was time to do a few more things to the back in the name of adding a little square footage. It was the end of an era. And we even had a few friends get a little emotional about it all.

What can we say? We felt specials. 

Goodbye, 1973.


Then we shared our joyful announcement that we’re ready to begin, here. – wheeee permits! 

all seasons room

But ignore that, because after that post, we sat on it for a while in the name of saving our sanity.

Our lives were chaos with the business and children activities, and we decided we just wanted to chill for a bit before actually beginning. Our lives have been a rehab whirlwind since we moved here. It was nice to chill. And to Netflix.

But it took us until we actually began to realize that it was too much, timed with the start of school. So that post on the entire dealio {yes, I just wrote dealio, no I won’t reel it in} was somewhere at the tail end of August. And if you really want to check it out, it’s funny to see how the plans changed over time. {See all of our progress in our own house rehab/evolution a-la the money pit, in this little section, here}

Now that we’ve measured it out, the floorplan will be just a little different. But we’re thrilled to have a separate dining area than the main great room, an additional fireplace and seating area, and just a great space to entertain and enjoy life. 

This house has been planned in phases. I feel like it has been such a progress, this can be a little confusing for people to even begin to try to understand. We’ll explain more in detail later on, but we actually realized after waiting for so long, that we now know how the master addition will go, in relation to this back addition. 

Another argument for sitting on plans for a while, I guess. We’re feeling kind of brilliant. 

So in our last post on this addition subject matter, we shared a little of our actual demo process, our reasons for waiting and the fun part {because I had to make a few decisions so that we could at least start to begin at some point: the inside plans. This thing has evolved from a screened in porch, to a legit addition that will work cohesively with our master.

This is the year where we figure all that out, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to also begin that process. 

But again, staying put and thinking on something has never felt so good. It’s already been tweaked a little more from here, and we can’t wait to share those details, but here’s to getting started with it all. 

So here we are, ready to get started, excited to begin, and ready to share the process. 

Why are we sharing all this? Because sometimes we think it’s fun to look back and see how things have evolved over time. And to show how things can change and have space to grow, if you just take a step back and give it time. 

Tiiimmme is on your side. Yes it is! —Name that creepy movie! Also, you’re welcome for the earworm.

So, in between our local client projects, content here, work for national partners and more exciting things… we’re thrilled to keep expanding on the home front and the refreshing progress that entails. 

As always, let us know if we can clarify anything with our exhausting thought process.

We’d love to hear from you + can’t wait to share more details, soon.

Have an inspired day!

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