Well now, here is a trend you didn’t see coming: Rock Painting.

Apparently, it’s a thing. I recall going to a hippie camp in the 80s and a dreadlocked, braless camp counselor named Artemis made us all paint faces on rocks and carry them around as pets (apparently, that was a thing too!)…had no idea it would be back in vogue 30 years later! Rock pets were a lesson in empathy, or something – that’s always a valuable tool. Not sure if it worked, but when Michael’s asked me to explore the painted rock trend, I was on it. With faces!

BOOM. Now that’s a rock!

So, what the kids are doing these days is giving them to each other. And by kids I mean adults but whatever, you get it. Everyone puts their own spin on it and exchanges rocks and ends up with a circus of rock friends. Pretty cool, huh?

This is the part where I’d normally do a tutorial, but I’m thinking y’all know how this goes; rocks + paint = painted rocks. But! Secret weapon: Oil based paint pens from Michaels.

Those suckers will write on anything. Anything. And 100% opaque too. Love, love, love them.

You’ll find them in the craft paint section. They work on plastic, paper, fabric, metal, and yes, rocks! You could write names, quotes, doodles…anything to make the recipient feel special!

Michaels is spreading kindness one rock at a time – Find everything you need to join in on the painted rock trend at your local Michaels store!. Looking for more inspiration by way of rock painting ideas? Check out the Glue String!


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